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Website Conversion Tips for When “Conversions” Aren’t Sales

E-commerce websites have a super easy way to tell if they’re doing their job effectively: tracking how many people hit that “Buy Now” button. But if your site isn’t actually selling your product or service directly online, you’ll need to think a bit harder about what you’ll track as a website conversion.

Harness the Power of SCG’s Integrated B2B Marketing Machine

Business is changing rapidly, especially for companies that sell exclusively to other businesses. B2B buying behavior has changed dramatically over the last decade—becoming much more self-reliant, research-oriented and sales-averse. Studies from the Corporate Executive Board Company reveal that today’s B2B buyers go through nearly 60% of the purchasing process before ever talking to a sales…

Handling Sales Rejection is “No” Small Task

If you are in any way connected to sales or the sales process, hearing the word “no” likely happens multiple times during your day. How you deal with this rejection is crucial to your success. It is important to understand that hearing the word “no” is never final nor fatal. Even multi-million dollar producers are…