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The right message is everything.

SCG gets you to the right message by uncovering market insights that matter. Everything SCG does is structured to make your products stand out. If you're looking for a marketing partner, SCG has everything you need to get everything you want.

We Put Your Message In Motion

Whether you’re bringing a new product to market or reimagining an existing one, creating effective branding is the greatest challenge in marketing. Based on years of research by a consortium of some of the top marketing agencies in the world, our BrandVision™ process is structured to get to the heart of what makes your brand special – and identify opportunities to distinguish it from competitors. It’s a process that’s fueled by creativity, driven by ingenuity and guided by experience. Here’s a few of the brands we’ve helped succeed.

Case Studies

CEHD Improving Lives blog home page screenshot

University of Minnesota CEHD

University of Minnesota's College of Education and Human Development is one of the world's most respected research institutions.

Rocket League website home page screenshot

Revitalizing Rocket League's Website

Rocket League has become one of the most popular eSports games in the world, earning a huge audience on the Twitch livestreaming gaming service.


Creating a Brand Identity for Link Manufacturing

Link Manufacturing is a leading provider of specialty engineered suspensions systems for heavy duty commercial vehicles and equipment.


We have the creativity and expertise to handle every aspect of your needs. This integrated approach ensures that all your company’s marketing efforts are streamlined and coordinated to achieve the greatest results.


Our team develops ads to put your message in motion across digital, broadcast and traditional media. Our internal communications capabilities will engage your employees.

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Web Design and Development

Our web designers will revitalize your web presence with a fresh design that’s optimized for mobile. Because we’re a fully integrated agency, we can build a site that’s perfectly aligned with your brand message & marketing.

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Media Relations

Story placements are still one of the most important parts putting your message in motion. SCG has the experience and relationships to create high-profile media opportunities for your brand.

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Video Production

SCG creates marketing videos that sizzle. Our in-house production staff handles your entire project from shooting to editing, capturing the excitement of your brand to attract prospects.

Video Productions

Graphic Design

Our design team will work with you to create eye-catching logos, art assets, packaging, icons and brand standards that convey your message in a way that’s modern and timeless.

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Research is the foundation of everything we do. Our IPQ Research™ process identifies your brand’s strengths, opportunities for growth and competitive advantages so we create a plan perfectly tailored to grow your business.

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Combining brand research, messaging and design, the SCG team are experts at setting you apart from the crowd to build the foundation for your future success. Our data-driven approach delivers results.

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Content Marketing

Our integrated, multimedia content marketing keeps your message in motion to build your audience and create actionable sales leads. Let SCG create compelling blogs, case studies, e-books, video and podcasts for your business.

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SCG’s nimble, in-house photographers have the skill, experience to deliver amazing on-site event photography, corporate headshots, product photography and everything in between.

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Marketing Services

We’ll create a multichannel digital marketing campaign for your brand by crafting a message that resonates. Then we use our expertise in content creation, SEO, and display advertising to target your customers.

Sales Support

Making a great first impression is crucial to any sales meeting. SCG’s in-house design team can create brochures, sales sheets, signs and trade show graphics materials to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Internal Communications

SCG creates multi-channel employee outreach programs to inform and inspire, based on corporate values that integrated perfectly with your brand and business goals.

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Our Marketing Works

“As a busy business owner I didn’t have time to focus on our branding and communication messages. SCG has made it very easy, and it’s gotten us some amazing business opportunities. If you are looking for fast, profitable growth, I recommend working with SCG. They are a great marketing partner…”

Shannon Vaillancourt

President, RateLinx

"SCG is an invaluable partner to Saint John's University on The Saint John's Bible project. The SCG team has done a phenomenal job helping us keep the world updated on all that is happening through social media and traditional marketing channels. They stay on schedule and on budget - and have been great ambassadors of Saint John's with our healthcare, higher education and faith-based communities. I can say nothing but positive things about their service and skillsets."

Jim Triggs

Executive Director, The Saint John's Bible

“We have partnered with SCG over the past 3 years for all our marketing needs, and our experience has been nothing but excellent. From print to web and everything in between, Strother's does it all! They are a fantastic partner that will take the time to learn your objectives and goals inside and out to deliver remarkable campaigns.”

Cody Cuhel

Millerbernd Manufacturing

"Updating our corporate values was essential. We needed to transform our ideals from a poster in the lobby into a meaningful and actionable code to live by. SCG's discovery process and messaging strategy took 12 values lost in the organization to six powerful phrases anyone can articulate and apply to their work."

Aaron Johnson

Vice President of Marketing & Customer Strategy, Accumold

"SCG has been tremendous to work with and are always very professional and proactive."

Chris Young

President, Yale Mechanical


We create marketing, communications, PR and advertising programs for world-leading companies and institutions in manufacturing, software development, education and more. Here are a few of the organizations that trust SCG to help them grow.

IWCO Direct
Yale Mechanical
University of Minnesota
Riedell Skates
U.S. Water

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