Creating a Brand Identity for RateLinx

Logistics Software Company Soars with SCG Brand Research & Marketing


Founded in 2002, RateLinx is a leading software developer and consultant for customized shipping and logistics management. The company’s groundbreaking software suite leverages the power of big data to connect all procurement, processing and freight payment to create strategic advantages and cost savings for its clients.

RateLinx’s data-driven approach to freight management has made it a leader in the industry.

SCG created visual iconography and marketing materials to communicate RateLinx’s brand strengths.

RateLinx’s system was so innovative that the company often struggled to communicate its functionality and features to prospective clients. Strother Communications Group was engaged to conduct a full-scale BrandVisionSM and IPQSM market research to craft brand messaging and an integrated communications plan with the primary goal of fueling growth.

With insights gathered from researching RateLinx’ competitors, market, and customers, SCG created a new brand identity, marketing strategy and message platform: Integrated Shipping IntelligenceSM. Positioning RateLinx as the leader in customized and integrated logistics management software, SCG created new brand names for the company’s software products, including new iconography, visual branding, website, case studies and lead capture.
RateLinx marketing message was carried out through multiple channels, including sales-oriented blog, media outreach to both mainstream and industry press, trade shows, digital and print advertising, social media, promotional items, and sales support materials.

RateLinx and SCG collaborated on multiple national digital and print advertising campaigns.

The RateLinx Culture Book was recognized as 'Best Special Purpose Publication' by the Minnesota Public Relations Society of America.

Since rebranding with clear, concise messaging backed by an aggressive multichannel communications program, RateLinx has earned the attention – and business – of some of the world’s most recognizable corporations. Thanks to a blogging program managed by SCG, founder Shannon Vaillancourt has been able to significantly expand the reach of sales efforts without additional staff.
To further support the company’s exponential growth, SCG created a culture-building internal communications program to bring employees into the brand. This included a custom RateLinx Culture Book that was recognized as Best Special Purpose Publication by the Minnesota Public Relations Society of America.


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