Creating a Brand Identity for Link Manufacturing

Leading OE Supplier Soars with SCG Brand Research & Marketing

Link’s approach to engineering solutions for leading heavy-duty truck and vehicle manufacturers had driven this company for more than 35 years. As the competitive landscape evolved, Link wanted to continue to lead. SCG conducted its proprietary Brand Vision research to assess what was important to the market and how Link performed.


SCG created a memorable positioning statement to communicate the essence of the Link brand to guide all sales and marketing communications:

Driven to Outperform™


Link and SCG collaborated on simplifying their existing site, advertising and trade show presence.

With insights gathered from researching Link competitors, markets and customers, SCG created a new brand identity, marketing strategy and message platform. Integrating new elements with the exiting logo and website, SCG and the Link team brought new direction and energy to marketing support. From brochures translated into several languages to videos to easy-to-customize sales presentations, Links sales staff was now supported with interest-grabbing materials and consistently applied messaging. Media relations, a blog and pay-per-click advertising were introduced as additional support to increase visibility and make the sales process smoother.


SCG Marketing as helped Link integrate its marketing with its sales efforts to expand existing customer relationships and open doors for new ones.

Since rebranding with clear messaging backed by a consistent presentation of the company’s key messages, Link has attracted the attention of new and existing customers as a company driven to outperform expectations to make their customer’s vehicles perform better. The result is a 5-piece win- for Link, the vehicle manufacturers, body builders, fleet owners and drivers.


Sales Goals Met
Top Supplier Performance Award Recipient
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