The Minneapolis Club

Whether online, social media, or broadcast, video is one of the most important ways to connect with your audience. Well-done and effective video marketing isn’t easy, that’s why our agency has built an in-house video department with the experience and skill. From storyboard to final editing, we have the resources to conduct every part of the process. We’ll also work with our graphic design staff to ensure that onscreen and graphics are perfectly in line with your brand standards.

We’ve done successful shoots in the most challenging environments and can also offer aerial drone video services and Matterport 3D for “virtual tours” of your facilities. 



Catered dining at The Minneapolis Club is definitely an extraordinary experience, but until recently, the Club was lacking great photos to show off Chef Håkan Lundberg’s creative cuisine. Many of its existing photos were either low resolution or featured items that had since been rotated off the menu. The Club needed up-to-date food photography that did justice to the work of Chef Lundberg and his culinary team.  


Photo shoots with food can get ridiculous—involving professional food stylists, elaborate lighting equipment, and even “prop” foods standing in for more delicate items (e.g. mashed potatoes as ice cream). But SCG’s talented team of Ryan Pederson and Trevor Nolte proposed keeping it simple and lightning speed: shooting items on a multi-course tasting menu during a real catered event, capturing shots in the narrow window of time between completion in the kitchen and service in the dining room.  


The results speak for themselves—mouthwatering shots of the Club’s catering options that make every morsel look delectable (and like they might have taken hours to compose!). The photos are published in print collateral, social media, and on the Club’s website, helping reinforce the Club’s reputation as a fine dining innovator. Are you hungry just looking at them? Then our work here is done. 


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