Millerbernd Manufacturing

Whether online, social media, or broadcast, video is one of the most important ways to connect with your audience. Well-done and effective video marketing isn’t easy, that’s why our agency has built an in-house video department with the experience and skill. From storyboard to final editing, we have the resources to conduct every part of the process. We’ll also work with our graphic design staff to ensure that onscreen and graphics are perfectly in line with your brand standards. We’ve done successful shoots in the most challenging environments and can also offer aerial drone video services and Matterport 3D for “virtual tours” of your facilities. 

With the right strategy and content, the ability of video to pique interest, capture attention and convey a message is unsurpassed.


Millerbernd Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of industrial steel poles, rolled rings and cylinders, was having trouble recruiting talent to work in its factory in Winstead, MN. The company engaged SCG to help communicate the company's excellent workplace culture, great benefits and pay and opportunities for advancement to potential employees.

After consulting with Millerbernd's leadership team, SCG felt the best way to do this was through three videos, one on each of Millerbernd's Pole and Ring/Cylinder divisions and one for targeted recruitment efforts.


The project started with a video shoot of Millerbernd’s headquarters. Our visual design pros – Creative Director Trevor Nolte and Senior Web Developer Ryan Pederson – captured footage of the vibrant, industrial Millerbernd workplace and the beauty of its home in Winsted, MN. To demonstrate the excitement on the shop floor, they shot high-resolution video of flash welding, cutting-edge design technology and quality assurance processes; to emphasize the human angle of Millerbernd’s welcoming work environment, they captured employee teamwork and collaboration both during production and in the office.


As you can see, the videos feature modern, engaging visuals and brisk editing. Voiceover talent was provided by none the SCG team and recorded in our in-house studio. Individually, each of these three videos puts Millerbernd’s cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities and commitment to quality in the spotlight. Together, they deliver a captivating look into what makes Millerbernd a leader in their industry.

The company has been very pleased with the results; the videos have been a boon to recruiting and helped Millerbernd fill many open positions.