Professor Plum


A Portrait of the Mascot as a Young Owl

Professor Plum was hatched May 7, 1992, the exact same day SCG was incorporated. He was born in the beautiful Payette Idaho National Forest, not far from Harmon Killebrew’s home town.

Plum grew up in an upscale, two story squirrel nest his father adversely possessed and remodeled. He was homeschooled by his mother, Birdie. Recognizing his keen intellect, she enrolled Plum at Boise State University when he was 15. Plum was a member of the ATO (All Top Owls) fraternity and won the annual mouse eating contest of 2008, setting a spectacular fraternity record of 17.5 mice in 10 minutes – a record which still stands.  Plum completed his undergraduate studies in Ornithology with honors in two years. He immediately enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Creativeatology to do groundbreaking research in how purple owl mascots can help growing PR firms be more creative as they approach their 25th year in business.

Plum successfully defended his dissertation in 2013 and was given a lifelong, unpaid, non-tenure track position as the official mascot of SCG along with the honorary title of Assistant Professor of Creativity.

Plum likes to hangout on whiteboards, wear fashionable hats and enthusiastically welcome every single guest who comes to visit the agency at our perfect perch, high atop the Campbell Mithun Tower.