Patrick Strother

CEO + Chief Creative Officer

Patrick founded Strother Communications Group (SCG) in 1992. His background is unique in that he has led both a public relations firm (Rowland Worldwide – Midwest) and an ad agency (Cevette and Company.) SCG was founded on the premise that communications tactics are more strategically and effectively delivered when integrated around a common communication platform and key message framework. That remains the guiding principle of SCG’s integrated approach the past 24 years.

Armed with a full complement of public relations, design, interactive and advertising practitioners, Patrick established a highly-effective communications agency no longer constrained by the traditional tactical silos but instead inspired by creativity and the relentless pursuit of getting the right message to the right people at the right time.

Patrick is always in-tune with the rhythm of marketing.

Patrick graduated with Distinction from the University of Minnesota and holds an MBA from the University of St. Thomas in marketing and entrepreneurship. Prior to his agency career, Patrick was vice president and director of investor relations for First Bank System (now U.S. Bank.) Between 1982 and 2014 he taught 50 courses in public relations and strategic communications as an adjunct and visiting faculty member at the University of Minnesota’s School of Journalism and the University of St. Thomas. Since 2014 Patrick has switched his spare time focus to pursuing his lifelong interests in guitar playing and composition and Masters Swimming.

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