Our Ideal Client

To do our best work, we go all in. We need our clients to as well. After all, achieving great results is a team effort. Our ideal client is committed to collaboration – melding their industry insights with our marketing savvy. Conversation is also important. Typically, we schedule a standing conference call or monthly meeting so we all stay on track to move projects and approvals along.

The secret ingredients for the best client-agency relationships are trust, collaboration and a sense of fun.

Our ideal client also provides timely and honest feedback, and lets us color outside of the lines, trusting us not to go off the page. When we can apply our knowledge creatively, we always find the spark to simplify the complex so our clients’ marketing can soar. They understand trying innovative approaches is essential in this rapidly changing world. To get the best work out of SCG, our ideal client works in partnership with us, so we can work strategically to achieve clearly defined goals. If that sounds like you, let’s talk!