Brian Larson

Digital Media Director

In an industry that changes nearly every second, Brian somehow manages to both stay on and ahead of that elusive “cutting edge.” With 18 years of experience specifically in interactive, Brian applies his geeky knack for a wide array of B2B and B2C clients and brands. Brian’s keen focus is on responsive front end web design and development, full-custom WordPress and Craft CMS development, search engine optimization and continually improving SCG’s entire web design–build process.

Brian is a code-slingin’ singer on the run.

Currently a casually active solo acoustic singer/songwriter type, Brian brought his vocal styling to the Minneapolis rock band, Seconds Before – which was the source for an original score for a recent client video. In order to keep relatively sane raising three young kids (Vivian, Franky and Walter) with his crazy smart wife Liz, he feeds addictions to hot yoga and running.

Drop a line…
(612) 288-2423