How We Help You Stand Out

Our approach to marketing is best summed up as: “Spark - Simplify - Soar.” Those three words represent the methods we use to uncover the market insights that get you to the right message to differentiate your products and services. Our process is fueled by knowledge, takes flight with creativity, and is guided by experience. When clients choose our IPQ primary research and Brand Vision branding process, it works every single time. 



We believe knowledge provides the spark to reveal the most precise messaging that is important to your prospects and customers. Knowledge coupled with creativity is the powerful force you are looking for to make your products and services stand out. 

With a spirt of collaboration, we start by doing our homework together. Customer and competitor research are part of our proprietary Brand Vision process which provides rich insights about your brand today, your goals and how to achieve them. We take a deep look at your messaging, marketing and sales approach – and study what the competition is doing. 


With an understanding of your brand’s strengths and leadership, our creative side identifies the best opportunities to stand out from competitors. There is a myriad of reasons that make your products and services special, but too many can confuse rather than clarify. We pare back the complexities to arrive at a simple, powerful message to captivate potential customers and inspire your staff. 

With the message in mind, we sort through the full range of options to create an innovative, strategic brand program properly scaled to provide immediate and sustained results 


With the program plan in place, we put the message in motion across integrated digital and traditional channels expertly targeted to your intended audience. Our content marketing attracts prospects and guides them through their journey from interested to ready-to-buy 

We continuously monitor results, stay in close communications and work both proactively and collaboratively, so you can soar. 

A Responsive, Results-Driven Approach

At SCG, we value knowledge, creativity and putting others first. When an opportunity presents itself, we move quickly to capitalize on it for you. That’s why our clients stay with us. We love what we do, are uniquely good at it and create a measurable return on investment. We have a sense of humor, and a commitment to ethics and results that has helped us stand out from our competition for more than a quarter century. 

Is it time for you to differentiate and fly? We can’t wait to get started.