Our Team

Patrick Strother

CEO & Chief Creative Officer

Patrick founded Strother Communications Group (SCG) in 1992. His background is unique in that he has led both a public relations firm (Rowland Worldwide – Midwest) and an ad agency (Cevette and Company.) SCG was founded on the premise that communications tactics are more strategically and effectively delivered when integrated around a common communication platform and key message framework. That remains the guiding principle of SCG’s integrated approach the past 24 years.

Armed with a full complement of public relations, design, interactive and advertising practitioners, Patrick established a highly-effective communications agency no longer constrained by the traditional tactical silos but instead inspired by creativity and the relentless pursuit of getting the right message to the right people at the right time.

Patrick is always in-tune with the rhythm of marketing.

Patrick graduated with Distinction from the University of Minnesota and holds an MBA from the University of St. Thomas in marketing and entrepreneurship. Prior to his agency career, Patrick was vice president and director of investor relations for First Bank System (now U.S. Bank.) Between 1982 and 2014 he taught 50 courses in public relations and strategic communications as an adjunct and visiting faculty member at the University of Minnesota’s School of Journalism and the University of St. Thomas. Since 2014 Patrick has switched his spare time focus to pursuing his lifelong interests in guitar playing and composition and Masters Swimming.

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Jeron Udean

Vice President of Client Service & Director of Media Relations

Jeron is a media relations wizard who truly cares about his clients’ success. He routinely secures high-profile placements for our clients. He also helps develop client strategies and executes a variety of integrated marketing tactics to achieve campaign objectives. He brings a light-hearted nature to many high-tech and business-to-business accounts and his business insight is an asset to SCG.

Jeron reels in those coveted media placements.

A graduate of the University of Minnesota’s School of Journalism, Jeron is a PRSA member and serves on the organization’s Student Relations Committee. His summer schedule is always filled with fishing trips and family outings with his wife and two young daughters.

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Patricia Henning Strother


Patricia has shaped Strother Communications Group’s client service drawing from her extensive experience in finance and marketing in corporate and agency settings including Vice President of investor relations for both a regional and national bank, and directing the local financial services practice for an international PR firm. With an emphasis on effective planning, research and branding, she helps guide marketing strategy that allows clients to make a stronger connection with their audiences. She has directed the agency’s research and integrated marketing efforts that often receive top honors from the Minnesota chapter of the Public Relations Society of America.

Bringing details into focus, great ideas take flight with Patricia.

Patricia graduated with honors from the University of North Dakota and picking up a CPA along with earning an MBA from the Carlson School of Business at the University of Minnesota. A casual birdwatcher, Patricia loves the outdoors and early mornings; two passions she combines daily when she runs with her family’s Brittany, Ringo, or hops on her road bike.

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Trevor Nolte

Creative Director

A natural-born leader and Eagle Scout, Trevor has an incredible wit and an insatiable curiosity. His talents in graphic design, brand identity, multimedia design, illustrations and art production make SCG’s clients shine. With more than 18 years of experience in design and art direction, Trevor’s keen skills are demonstrated daily in everything he creates on paper and on screen. His knack for problem solving makes him a key driving force behind SCG’s success.

Trevor truly is SCG’s resident Swiss Army knife.

Occasionally caught wearing his uff-da socks at the office, Trevor is a believer that the best work comes with a bit of fun. When he’s not working, Trevor’s summers are filled with time camping with his wife Lisa and their kids Luella and Finnegan. With little spare time to dream of, Trevor is still able to fit in a quiet moment drawing, learning a new word in Mandarin from his nearly-fluent daughter, and grabbing a beer at a Nordeast brewery.

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Matt Helgeson

Senior Content Strategist

Matt draws on his years as a journalist to create expertly targeted approaches – and brings them to life with clear and concise copy designed to capture the imagination of audiences. As a senior editor at Game Informer, the world’s largest video game magazine and website, he oversaw editorial features, produced the “Game Informer Show” podcast and co-hosted “Video Games Weekly” on KFAN radio – experiences he uses to ignite impressive results.

Matt’s sizzling copy and innovative digital strategies always provide a spark.

Matt graduated with honors from the University of Minnesota School of Journalism. At SCG, he’s helped guide the creative, content and social media strategy of major marketing initiatives, including the PRSA award winning “Improving Lives” campaign for the University of Minnesota CEHD. Outside of work, Matt enjoys writing and performing music, biking and spending time with his family.

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Brian Larson

Digital Media Director

In an industry that changes nearly every second, Brian somehow manages to both stay on and ahead of that elusive “cutting edge.” With 16 years of experience specifically in interactive, Brian applies his geeky knack for a wide array of B2B and B2C clients and brands. Brian’s keen focus is on responsive front end web design and development, full-custom WordPress theme development, search engine optimization and continually improving SCG’s entire web design–build process.

Brian is a code-slingin’ singer on the run.

Currently a casually active solo acoustic singer/songwriter type, Brian brought his vocal styling to the Minneapolis rock band, Seconds Before – which was the source for an original score for a recent client video. In order to keep relatively sane raising two young kids (Vivian & Franky) with his crazy smart wife Liz, he feeds addictions to hot yoga and running.

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Jane Tomassetti

Administrative Director

Jane is the smiling face at SCG’s entryway and the mastermind behind all of our administrative functions – that run like the proverbial Swiss watch.

Seems like Jane rises at the break of dawn every day; that’s how much she does for SCG and our clients!

Calling Jane an animal lover is a huge understatement. Prior to joining SCG, she worked at a bustling exotic animal hospital for 10 years. She loves all animals, but her favorites are dogs and birds.

In her free time, Jane enjoys spending time with her husband, Dan and daughter, Olivia. They have been doing a lot of exploring the great state of Minnesota either camping or taking day-trips to one of the numerous State Parks and bike trails. Jane also enjoys quiet weekends at home just spending time with loved ones and family members. She comes from a rather large family – 17, counting siblings, spouses and children!

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Jason Dafnis

Account Executive

With a diverse background in journalism, radio, entertainment press and blogging, Jason helps tie together B2B assignments with a creative editorial drive. An experienced web content creator, he bolsters clients’ efforts with specialized social media outreach and messaging that packs a punch.

Jason makes sure each message looks, reads, sounds and feels right.

As a cum laude graduate of Trine University, Jason wrote for the school newspaper and was an on-campus radio personality, combining a love for analytics and culture. Jason can be found behind a keyboard, bass, controller or book when not out exploring the Twin Cities.

(612) 288-2416

Dana Farmer

Senior Account Executive

Dana creates compelling content for clients and gets it in front of the right eyes. She has managed public relations and social media for dozens of brands. With a background in Journalism, she’s a firm believer that getting the story right yields big results.

Dana hits the right notes to lift messages above the noise.

Dana has a Master of Science in Strategic Media Communications from St. Cloud State University. A percussionist in college, Dana has subsequently embraced bluegrass as a fiddle player. Dana’s hobbies are always evolving but the top three are spending time outdoors, creating music, and exploring the great Twin Cities.

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Robby Cecil

Senior Designer

Robby is a print and interactive designer, with an ability to provide production and video editing services. A University of Minnesota grad, Robby earned a B.S. in graphic design and has an innate desire to learn more about the creative industry and the world in general.

This nerd Robby is always brewing good ideas.

In his free time, Robby enjoys spending time trying to find a new favorite restaurant (there’s a list!). He is a lifelong hockey player and as well as a 12-time marathon finisher, going for his 13th at the Twin Cities Marathon in 2016. Robby also attempts to brew beer to varying degrees of success.

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Logan Lafferty

Senior Account Executive

Logan brings his keen ability to turn a phrase and deft social media skills to give each client the boost they need. He combines knowledge gained from prior work in print journalism and local music fixtures to offer a breath of fresh air to social posts. When it comes to creating messaging that stands out, he threads the needle.

Logan’s word-slinging skills are the fastest this side of the Mississippi.

As a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Logan earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a minor in Digital Media. In his free time, he enjoys writing fiction and hanging around the local music scene in Minneapolis. He devours books any chance he gets, but also has a great passion for movies – he might even write one someday!

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Ryan Strother

Account Executive

If Ryan Strother is not biking around the Twin Cities, he’s writing snappy content or honing in on perfection with his keen eye for copy edits. An experienced writer, Ryan engages audiences with conversational copy and persuasive imagery.

Ryan pedals cohesive content that never goes flat.

Graduating Cum Laude from Denison Univeristy, he’s got a background in Environmental Science and English Writing—and hosted a show on the airwaves called Real News and worked as an editor for The Denisonian. Ryan was unofficially the first athlete ever to swim varsity and play hockey in a single collegiate athletic career.

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Our Ideal Client

To do our best work, we go all in. We need our clients to as well. After all, achieving great results is a team effort. Our ideal client is committed to collaboration – melding their industry insights with our marketing savvy. Conversation is also important. Typically, we schedule a standing conference call or monthly meeting so we all stay on track to move projects and approvals along.

The secret ingredients for the best client-agency relationships are trust, collaboration and a sense of fun.

Our ideal client also provides timely and honest feedback, and lets us color outside of the lines, trusting us not to go off the page. When we can apply our knowledge creatively, we always find the spark to simplify the complex so our clients’ marketing can soar. They understand trying innovative approaches is essential in this rapidly changing world. To get the best work out of SCG, our ideal client works in partnership with us, so we can work strategically to achieve clearly defined goals. If that sounds like you, let’s talk!

Ryan Pederson

Senior Web Developer / Photographer

Ryan’s broad professional and creative repertoire encompasses photography, web development, and film – a huge plus for implementing integrated marketing campaigns quickly. He earned a bachelor of arts in Spanish and Management from the University of Minnesota and has been making websites ever since. Born in Northern Minnesota and raised on a remote lake where the nearest kids his age lived miles away gave him a childhood filled with adventure.

Nowadays he enjoys camping, life at the lake, and rollerblading in his spare time. Creative endeavors such as painting, drawing, reading and writing are also things he is passionate about.

(612) 288-2429

Professor Plum


A Portrait of the Mascot as a Young Owl

Professor Plum was hatched May 7, 1992, the exact same day SCG was incorporated. He was born in the beautiful Payette Idaho National Forest, not far from Harmon Killebrew’s home town.

Plum grew up in an upscale, two story squirrel nest his father adversely possessed and remodeled. He was homeschooled by his mother, Birdie. Recognizing his keen intellect, she enrolled Plum at Boise State University when he was 15. Plum was a member of the ATO (All Top Owls) fraternity and won the annual mouse eating contest of 2008, setting a spectacular fraternity record of 17.5 mice in 10 minutes – a record which still stands.  Plum completed his undergraduate studies in Ornithology with honors in two years. He immediately enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Creativeatology to do groundbreaking research in how purple owl mascots can help growing PR firms be more creative as they approach their 25th year in business.

Plum successfully defended his dissertation in 2013 and was given a lifelong, unpaid, non-tenure track position as the official mascot of SCG along with the honorary title of Assistant Professor of Creativity.

Plum likes to hangout on whiteboards, wear fashionable hats and enthusiastically welcome every single guest who comes to visit the agency at our perfect perch, high atop the Campbell Mithun Tower.