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The Saint John's Bible

Content marketing is crucial to building your audience and creating actionable sales leads. Strother Communications Group has years of experience in creating integrated, multimedia content marketing programs for clients like IWCO Direct and the University of Minnesota. Whether it's blogging, white papers, case studies, e-books, newsletters, video, or podcasts – we can do it all in-house. Most importantly, we’ll ensure the highest quality writing and editorial oversight, ensuring that your content marketing is in harmony with your brand message and designed to grow your business. Read on to learn how our content marketing has helped St. John’s University energize sales of its one-of-a-kind The Saint John’s Bible.


The Heritage Edition is a high-quality, hand-bound fine art reproduction of The Saint John's Bible, the first handwritten and illuminated Bible by Benedictine monks in 500 years. Organizers from The Saint John's Bible and Saint John's University wanted to reach universities, hospitals, religious institutions, museums and other organizations to promote the 299 available copies of the Heritage Edition for their art outreach and spiritual healing initiatives.


Create a content marketing program with regular blog publication and social media content to reach the target audiences of The Saint John's Bible. SCG developed a new blog platform,, under the existing website domain, which replaced a costly and aging print newsletter. The blog hosts original and guest content researched and created by SCG, proving the value of the Heritage Edition with firsthand stories from its owners and hosts around the world.


The Saint John's Bible blog has converted hundreds of print subscribers and attracted thousands of new visitors, including representatives from leading healthcare, educational and religious institutions across the globe. A robust social media program, including Facebook and Instagram, complements the Heritage Edition's content marketing efforts. The ease of working with SCG has allowed The Saint John's Bible team to focus their efforts on productive lead generation and follow-up with prospective owners.


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