Whether you’re bringing a new product to market or reimagining an existing one, creating effective branding is the greatest challenge in marketing. Based on years of research by a consortium of some of the top marketing agencies in the world, our BrandVision™ process is structured to get to the heart of what makes your brand special – and identify opportunities to distinguish it from competitors.

Our approach to branding is best summed up with our agency motto: “Spark - Simplify - Soar.” Those three simple words represent the methods we use to distill your company’s vision into a brand message that will help you reach your customers. It’s a process that’s fueled by creativity, driven by ingenuity and guided by experience. Our clients know it works; they’ve seen the results for themselves.


Pacon Corp. is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of school-aged arts and crafts products but wanted to expand its reach to become a leader in driving innovation in K5 education through a new curriculum model known as STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) which used arts to teach math and science concepts. In order to reposition Pacon as a leader in education, SCG was tasked creating a new brand for the company’s STEAM products that reflected the fresh approach the company was taking.


After extensive market research, SCG created fresh branding of Pacon’s Art Integration Kits (AIK) as integral curriculum tools rather than just a collection of supplies. The brand, Learn It By Art, reflects Pacon’s leadership in education. SCG created a complete brand identity, from logo to visual standards, built a fully custom website ( in Craft CMS, and created a comprehensive content marketing, digital advertising and media relations campaign.


In addition to sales driven by the new branding campaign, SCG successfully placed the “Learn It By Art” AIKs into classrooms in St. Paul and the Los Angeles area, both critical Title I school districts. A thriving blog program introduced Pacon as a thought leader in STEAM education, and a steady supply of interactive lesson plans let them put theory into practice for teachers all over the country.

To become a true partner with your company, we start by doing our homework. Our BrandVision™ research process will help you understand where your brand is today and where it needs to go in the future to drive growth. We’ll analyze every aspect of your business, marketing and communications – and study what the competition is doing. This process helps us understand your brand’s strengths, identify opportunities for growth and find new ways to gain a competitive advantage over the competition.

Learn It By Art Branding and Product Launch

  • Market research and analysis of STEAM sector
  • Brand messaging, content marketing strategy and digital advertising
  • Complete branding, including brand names, logos, icons, colors and brand standards
  • New, custom website built on Craft CMS
  • Partnerships created with Adopt-A-Classroom and Los Angeles School District