Create Internal Communications Design They Won’t Want to Throw Away

B2B marketers know that standing out is easier said than done. But what about when your audience is your own company?

The Value in Corporate Values – SCG

Free Money: Discover the Value in Employee Communications and Corporate Values

Employee communications and corporate culture can bring 20% more profit by increasing retention and engagement. The first step is setting corporate values.

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What Not to Put in Your Corporate Newsletter

Avoid these corporate newsletter “don’ts” to make sure you send the right messages with your internal communications.

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The Power of Listening in Creating Corporate Values

SCG’s CEO and founder Patrick Strother has years of experience in helping companies create corporate values that reflect their brand goals and help foster a positive internal culture. While many companies talk a good game about their values, too often these “values” are just words that have little to do with the day-to-day realities of…

Compelling Presentation for Competitive Research

Creating a Compelling Presentation for Competitive Research

As my colleague Jason pointed out last week, competitive research is the foundation to move your company forward. It lets you know how you stand out among your industry peers and ways you can improve your offering to claim more market share. The next step in your competitive research journey is to present your findings…

A Few Simple Ways to Get Started with Competitive Research

Competitive research isn’t just competitor-focused. Here are a few pointers to get started with competitive intelligence.

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Tips to Improve Your Google Search Results with Two Simple Tools

These two useful Google search tools will help you get more exact and relevant results. Google is constantly improving its world-leading search engine. To deliver more relevant information, Google search algorithms often customizes your results based on your search history as well as what it views as related terms, synonyms or alternate spellings of your…

Don’t Let Facebook’s Circle Photo Crop Ruin Your Social Branding

First impressions mean a lot, so don’t flub your company’s with a bad profile photo. Here’s how to make the most of Facebook’s circle-cropped profile photo.

Seinfeld Teaches Us About Product Launch

What Seinfeld Can Teach Us About a Successful Product Launch

Around the office, I’m known as the resident Seinfeld fan. Actually, “fan” might be a conservative description. It’s not uncommon for me to find instances throughout the day that harken back to a particular episode of Seinfeld (it’s a disease, really). Some of my previous blog posts have been at the intersection of my personal…

How Great Photography Leads to Media Coverage

Great Photography is Your Most Powerful Tool for Getting Better Media Coverage

Whether it’s a product announcement, executive hire or important award, having quality photos is key to getting the best B2B media coverage possible.