B2B Content Marketing for Loyalty – SCGPR

Only 54% of B2Bs Use Content Marketing to Build Loyalty. Don’t Be Part of the 46%

Not using content marketing for loyalty efforts just because you’re B2B? That’s a missed opportunity.

PPC for B2B Blog Series

PPC for B2B Part 1: Casting a Small Net in a Big Sea

Whether you’re dabbling in marketing technologies or you’re a full-on MarTech nerd, you should understand the fundamentals of why PPC tactics are incredibly powerful for targeting prospects, no matter how niche your B2B company is. In this blog series, PPC for B2B, I will discuss how to use PPC (pay-per-click) tools for B2B campaigns, despite…

Google Analytics for B2B

The Google Analytics Insights You Should Be Using for B2B

Marketers often stereotype Google Analytics as a B2C tool, particularly designed for e-commerce or consumer conversions. In reality, it’s incredibly powerful for targeting prospects and nurturing leads, no matter how niche your B2B company is.

Strother Communications Group 26th Anniversary – SCGPR

SCG Turns 26

26 years is a curious milestone. Is this the start of another 25-year run, or just another year of evidence that what worked for the first 25 years still works? The Secret to Success If you want to know the secret to staying in business for 26 years, it is important to understand there is…

radio microphone

Reviewing the New Tagline Podcast and Offering Tips for Starting a B2B Podcast

Marketing professionals love hearing about the latest trends in advertising, the strategy behind great ads and the war stories of what it took to create them. If that sounds like your cup of tea, you might want to tune into a new podcast, Tagline, from iHeartMedia and Advertising Age. The first episode launched last week,…

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Creativity Transforms Trade Show Exhibits for B2B Companies

B2B companies know exhibiting at a trade show is no small investment. With booth or kiosk fees, travel, labor and promotional materials such as brochures, booth graphics and giveaway swag, it’s important to make sure your trade show presence generates high quality leads. The best B2B marketers up their game to take full advantage of…

Harness the Power of SCG’s Integrated B2B Marketing Machine

Business is changing rapidly, especially for companies that sell exclusively to other businesses. B2B buying behavior has changed dramatically over the last decade—becoming much more self-reliant, research-oriented and sales-averse. Studies from the Corporate Executive Board Company reveal that today’s B2B buyers go through nearly 60% of the purchasing process before ever talking to a sales…


Six Simple Steps Create New Customers with B2B Inbound Marketing

Not so long ago self-publishing was reserved for authors who wanted (or needed!) to skip the hassle of finding a traditional publisher. Today the concept of self-publishing on the web has ushered in a paradigm shift for B2B marketers. Companies are no longer dependent on third party publishers such as trade magazines to get their…