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Behind the scenes of video production or video shooting at studio location with film crew camera team

Why B2B Video Marketing is Essential in 2019

By Pat Henning Strother December 27, 2018

B2B video is the perfect way to put your message in motion to attract and convert prospects, as well as boost your recruiting efforts. Video should be considered an essential element in your 2019 content marketing plan for several reasons. 1. B2B Prospects Watch Video The explosive growth in YouTube video sharing is no secret. The platform now has about a billion users. This is almost one-third of internet users world-wide. A meaningful portion of those users are also the…

Seinfeld Teaches Us About Product Launch

What Seinfeld Can Teach Us About a Successful Product Launch

By Logan Lafferty December 20, 2018

Around the office, I’m known as the resident Seinfeld fan. Actually, “fan” might be a conservative description. It’s not uncommon for me to find instances throughout the day that harken back to a particular episode of Seinfeld (it’s a disease, really). Some of my previous blog posts have been at the intersection of my personal interests and what we do at SCG. Well, my friends, this post is no different. I’m about to dig into what the greatest show ever…

iPhone screen showing Bedtime feature

My iPhone Alarm Has Been Unnecessarily Bad for Years

By Kate Tichy December 14, 2018

Apple’s user interface for iPhone alarms may have stuck you with unpleasant wake-up sounds. The Bedtime feature provides a better way—if you find it.

Creating Mobile-First Content for Google's Mobile-First Index

How to Write Great Mobile-First Content: Just Write Great Content

By Jason Dafnis December 13, 2018

Creating mobile-first content for Google’s new indexing paradigm can help site visibility, SEO, user experience and more – and luckily, it’s still all about great content.

Lost Engagement Rings and Found Memories

By Pat Henning Strother December 7, 2018

I may have lost my mother’s would-be engagement ring years ago, but what I found this week were very pleasant memories of my mother.

2 business people upset over chart trending downward

My Web Traffic Took a Nosedive. What Gives?

By Kate Tichy December 6, 2018

Web traffic may not be your most important KPI, but if you’ve seen a drop you probably want to get to the bottom of it. Here are some tips to investigate.

How Great Photography Leads to Media Coverage

Great Photography is Your Most Powerful Tool for Getting Better Media Coverage

By Jeron Udean November 29, 2018
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Whether it’s a product announcement, executive hire or important award, having quality photos is key to getting the best B2B media coverage possible.

Spark email app

How the Spark Email Client Won My Heart

By Brian Larson November 16, 2018

When it comes to email clients (the apps you use to read, send and organize your emails) my guess would be that most individuals pick one and stick with it—or, for work, they use what the job demands. Believe it or not, there are some great alternative email clients out there. Many of these apps are free or “freemium.” After trying a small multitude of these I’ve fully switched over to the one that won my heart: It’s called Spark, from a…

Traveler Writing Tool

Traveler: A Distraction-Free Writing Tool for a Distraction-Filled World

By Logan Lafferty October 26, 2018

We live in a world filled with distractions. More and more, companies are elbowing each other in an attempt to vie for your attention. This results in a cacophony of, well… things: ads, posts, videos, etc. This can make writing more difficult than it needs to be because it means there’s always something else to see or read, which is an easy way to get you out of a writing groove. In response, there a bunch of new gimmicks popping up…

Give Yourself a Better Shot at Finding the Needle with These 3 Google Search Operators

By Robby Cecil October 25, 2018

Generally, a Google search gives the searcher something close to what they are looking for. Just give it a try. Search the name of your favorite band or TV show and you’ll get a main marketing website, Wikipedia or IMDb entries, news stories and other relevant content. But what if we want to go deeper and find something on a specific site or omit certain words and content from our search? That is where Search Operators come in to help…