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Automated Email Design for Hands-Off Marketing

By Robby Cecil March 14, 2019
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We make email marketing easier on ourselves and more cost-effective for clients by automating many campaigns. But how do we make these “hands-off” campaigns still look personal and compelling?

A Few Simple Ways to Get Started with Competitive Research

By Jason Dafnis March 11, 2019

Competitive research isn’t just competitor-focused. Here are a few pointers to get started with competitive intelligence.

Good Targeting Gets Even Better with LinkedIn Interest Targeting

By Kate Tichy March 7, 2019
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LinkedIn campaigns are a great way to get messages in front of a targeted, qualified audience, and the site recently added a new capability that will give us even more targeting power.

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Looking for a Real Competitive Advantage? You Need Primary Research.

By Patrick Strother March 6, 2019

Primary research is one of those things that’s easy to put off. It can often seem like a luxury and take months to properly complete. Further, you never really know the true value of it until it’s done. It’s a bit of a leap of faith. So why do it? There are three main reasons to conduct primary research. The first is to challenge your own beliefs and assumptions about what your market values. The second is to send a…

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Need Creative Ideas? Then Use Small Teams

By Jeron Udean February 28, 2019

A new study has determined that the smaller the group working on a problem, the more likely it is to generate innovative solutions.

It’s Never Really About Price

By Patrick Strother February 26, 2019

Many marketers and sales professionals still assume that price is a top consideration in B2B sales, but our 20 years of research have shown otherwise. Read Patrick Strother’s thoughts on why selling on price alone is a failure.

a photo of Minneapolis Club chef Hakan Lundberg and the WCCO Mid Morning Hosts

Media Relations: Håkan Lundberg Cooks Best Burger in Minneapolis on WCCO

By Matt Helgeson February 21, 2019
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SCG’s expert media relations team arranged another major television appearance for our client the Minneapolis Club. Last week, the Club’s renowned chefs Håkan Lundberg and Noel Teppo appeared on the Twin Cities’ number one morning show, WCCO Mid-Morning, to cook their famous Minneapolis Club Burger. Working with local broadcast is often the right choice to generate awareness and interest in consumer products and services. Media relations is just one of several visual tactics we use to help our clients reach…

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Tips to Improve Your Google Search Results with Two Simple Tools

By Matt Helgeson February 18, 2019
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These two useful Google search tools will help you get more exact and relevant results. Google is constantly improving its world-leading search engine. To deliver more relevant information, Google search algorithms often customizes your results based on your search history as well as what it views as related terms, synonyms or alternate spellings of your query topic. However, sometimes you’ll find that the information presented isn’t what you were looking for. If you want a more exact match to your…

Learning When Words Became Words Thanks to the Merriam-Webster “Time Traveler”

By Logan Lafferty January 11, 2019

When did a word officially become a word? Merriam-Webster’s Time Traveler tool lets you learn about an era based on the words it added to the dictionary.

Don’t Let Facebook’s Circle Photo Crop Ruin Your Social Branding

By Jason Dafnis January 10, 2019

First impressions mean a lot, so don’t flub your company’s with a bad profile photo. Here’s how to make the most of Facebook’s circle-cropped profile photo.