The Most Interesting Thing I Learned This Week

cost of fireworks displays

If You Knew the Cost of Fireworks Displays, You Might Appreciate Them A Little More

Like many of you, I spent last Wednesday watching a 4th of July fireworks display with my family. “Like many of you,” that is, unless you were planning to watch them in St. Paul, which made headlines by canceling this year’s show due to budget concerns.

Behind the ☺️: How The Unicode Consortium Controls the World’s Emoji

Ever wondered how new emoji are created? There’s a worldwide council that approves all new emoji – for reasons of quality and to avoid controversy.

Sketch Design Toolkit

Bringing Web Layouts to Life with the Sketch App

Part of our web development workflow here at SCG involves presenting wireframes before moving on to design and development. It’s an important step for us as designers/developers because it essentially creates the bones of a client’s website…

Who is ProPublica?

In what has become an unfathomable news week, it was just Monday (June 18, 2018) that the nonprofit journalism organization ProPublica published the 8-minute recording of crying children separated from their parents at the U.S. border…

CSS grid

CSS Grid Gets the Green Light

When I started out as a web developer, our only options for creating layouts were HTML tables and spacer gifs. Then CSS (cascading style sheets) arrived and changed everything. CSS was great in terms of its capabilities – it basically let you transform HTML into anything you wanted…

Brave Web Browser Privacy – SCGPR

Speedy Surfing with the Brave Web Browser

What web browser are you using to read this blog article? Chances are it’s Chrome if you’re on a non-mobile device or an Android phone – and, let me guess, Safari if you’re an iPhone user?

Changes to Google Reviews for Businesses – SCGPR

Google Will Now Notify Reviewers When Brands Respond

I recently blogged about the importance of responding to negative reviews online, but as Google has a tendency to do, they’ve added a feature that changes the game for online brand managers. This month, Google announced it will begin notifying consumers when a business responds to their Google Reviews, prompting them to view the reply…

Content Marketing, Stephen King & the Art of the Appetizer

Content Marketing, Stephen King & the Art of the Appetizer

This week’s post isn’t so much about something new that I learned, but rather a tried-and-true practice like content marketing being reinforced by one of my personal heroes: Stephen King, the master of horror. You might be wondering how those two seemingly disparate things could be connected. Allow me to explain…

Polyhierarchies Card Sort

Break the Information Architecture Rules with Polyhierarchies

Remember the joke on “Friends” about neatnik Monica’s impressive number of towel categories, including “fancy,” “guest” and “fancy guest”? This week I learned that Monica’s towel categorization illustrates a common problem with website usability…

Stop Using So Many Instagram Hashtags – SCGPR

Maybe Cool It with the Hashtags

About 125 million hashtags are used every day on Twitter alone (including some by yours truly). Instagram, on the other hand, thinks that might be simply too many. After all, what good is a hashtag if everything’s a hashtag?