The Most Interesting Thing I Learned This Week

Corporate Social Media Is Actually Awesome if You Use It Right

Corporate social media marketing should be more about serving your audience and fostering connection than self-promotion.

The Secret Lives of B2B Marketers

I recently blogged that no matter what you do, you have a culture so it might as well be a good one. SCG has worked purposefully to have a good one, and it is remarkable to see how our agency culture gels around our six core values (Knowledge, Creativity, Putting Others First, Partnership, Mentoring and Nimble). The most amazing part to me is that my colleagues embrace these values in their lives outside of work too.

Freddie Mercury, Graphic Designer? How the Singer Gave Queen an Identity Beyond the Music

The Queen logo, designed by lead singer Freddie Mercury, is as much a rock icon as the band itself. Here’s why it’s lasted more than 40 years.

Digital Billboards to Combat Commuter Anxiety

Using Data & Digital Billboards to Combat Commuter Anxiety

We’ve all experienced at least some degree of stress and anxiety when commuting on public transportation. I’ll go so far as to claim it’s an impossible thing to avoid. But the metro system in Stockholm, Sweden, is trying to do something about it.

B2B Content Marketing for Loyalty – SCGPR

Only 54% of B2Bs Use Content Marketing to Build Loyalty. Don’t Be Part of the 46%

Not using content marketing for loyalty efforts just because you’re B2B? That’s a missed opportunity.

Automated Email Design for Hands-Off Marketing

We make email marketing easier on ourselves and more cost-effective for clients by automating many campaigns. But how do we make these “hands-off” campaigns still look personal and compelling?

Good Targeting Gets Even Better with LinkedIn Interest Targeting

LinkedIn campaigns are a great way to get messages in front of a targeted, qualified audience, and the site recently added a new capability that will give us even more targeting power.

two pizzas

Need Creative Ideas? Then Use Small Teams

A new study has determined that the smaller the group working on a problem, the more likely it is to generate innovative solutions.

the Google Logo with the word verbatim

Tips to Improve Your Google Search Results with Two Simple Tools

These two useful Google search tools will help you get more exact and relevant results. Google is constantly improving its world-leading search engine. To deliver more relevant information, Google search algorithms often customizes your results based on your search history as well as what it views as related terms, synonyms or alternate spellings of your…

Learning When Words Became Words Thanks to the Merriam-Webster “Time Traveler”

When did a word officially become a word? Merriam-Webster’s Time Traveler tool lets you learn about an era based on the words it added to the dictionary.