How Great Photography Leads to Media Coverage

Great Photography is Your Most Powerful Tool for Getting Better Media Coverage

Whether it’s a product announcement, executive hire or important award, having quality photos is key to getting the best B2B media coverage possible.

Close-up of a digital camera.

Product Photography 101: Teaching the Basics at Mound Westonka High School

At SCG, we believe in the power of mentorship and giving back to our local community. Recently, my colleague Ryan Pederson and I had the opportunity to teach some basic product photography skills to AP art students at a local high school. We were invited to conduct an informal photography workshop with students from Mound…

Samples of stock imagery

Four Tips for Choosing the Right Stock Photography to Make Your Content Soar

More often than not, the image you tie to your content is the first thing that catches a reader’s eyes. Ideally, your image is just as compelling as the copy to encourage the reader to continue on. But what if the stock photo you’ve selected is not compelling? There’s a world of bad stock photography…

IWCO Direct

IWCO Direct Gets an Image Refresh with New Leadership Team Photos

At Strother Communications Group, we take pride in not only offering a wide variety of services and strategy – from traditional public relations and marketing to website development – that can meet all our clients’ objectives. One of our capabilities is corporate photography; SCG’s Ryan Pederson and Trevor Nolte are experts behind the viewfinder and…


Four Ways to Nail a Corporate Headshot

A picture says a thousand words, and that goes double for marketers. So, that begs two questions: 1) with two thousand words, what are you saying to your audience and 2) how can a successful portrait session help you say what you want in the best way possible? When a prospective client comes to your…

Go Local for Food and Photos

The movement to buy local is a great concept that can lead to lasting benefits. Contrary to what some people believe when they hear “buy local,” it’s not meant to persuade everyone to only consume products from hyper-local producers and shops, but merely to inform and introduce everyone to options in their own community. I…

Ten Tips for a Successful Product Photo Shoot

Photo shoots can be stressful and daunting, but with the right preparation they can also go off without a hitch. Before every shoot I often think about what’s being captured and how I can help get the best results. And like anything, the best outcomes follow those who prepare well. I always take a moment…