Graphic Design

Working Collaboratively with Clients on Branding

Working collaboratively is part of our culture here at SCG, and we relish opportunities to make great work in true partnership with our clients. The branding process is no different, and in fact it’s one of the more collaborative services we offer. Bringing Everything to the Table Almost everyone has ideas of what they’d like…

Create Internal Communications Design They Won’t Want to Throw Away

B2B marketers know that standing out is easier said than done. But what about when your audience is your own company?

Color Theory for Marketing Design – SCGPR

Color Theory is Essential for Marketing Designers of All Skill Levels

Designing anything with color – logos, ads, banners, newsletters, business cards, websites – can be overwhelming for anyone, whether it’s your profession or just a hobby. But once you understand the basics of color theory, you can start to uncover and master the mechanics and tricks of the trade.

SCG's Owl - Professor Plum

Is 2018 the Year of Purple?

Each year the Pantone Color Institute selects its color of the year – the hue that will define the next 12 months. In 2018, that color is “Ultra Violet,” a vivid shade of purple, which also happens to be one of our agency’s colors – and one with deep roots in Minnesota. SCG scholarly owl mascot Professor Plum is…

UMN building

How to Polish Your Portfolio, No Matter What’s In It

A portfolio is a living profile of the artist who creates it. It can also be the difference between nailing an interview or falling flat; between landing a career and… well, not. SCG Creative Director Trevor Nolte and I were recently invited to the University of Minnesota College of Design to provide guidance and mentorship…

The Ins and Outs of Infographics

It seems like more than ever, relevant data-driven information (or just a bunch of stuff that you threw together from Wikipedia about Black Friday shopping trends) is being conveyed via infographics. The information truly is the most important element of any project like this, but you also need to consider what  goes into the design…