Working Collaboratively with Clients on Branding

Working collaboratively is part of our culture here at SCG, and we relish opportunities to make great work in true partnership with our clients. The branding process is no different, and in fact it’s one of the more collaborative services we offer. Bringing Everything to the Table Almost everyone has ideas of what they’d like…

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How to Differentiate Your Brand

SCG helps clients differentiate their brands along three levels of product, which helps them realize and leverage their competitive advantages.

Don’t Let Facebook’s Circle Photo Crop Ruin Your Social Branding

First impressions mean a lot, so don’t flub your company’s with a bad profile photo. Here’s how to make the most of Facebook’s circle-cropped profile photo.

Millennials and Gen Z Marketing

I’m Not the Problem: Why Brands Can’t Bridge the Millennial/Gen Z Gap

Brands keep using millennial tactics on Generation Z audiences. There’s a big difference—and it could mean marketing success or failure.

Responding to Negative Reviews Online

8 Guidelines for Online Brand Managers When Responding to Negative Reviews

No business likes to get negative feedback. But if you’re an online brand manager, you need to be prepared to respond to negative reviews, and respond quickly, if one gets posted. From Yelp to Facebook and Google Listings to Glassdoor, social networks and online reviews are opportunities for brands to shine. Responding shows that a…

Unlock the Power of Your Brand With This Proven Marketing Strategy

SCG was founded in 1992 based on a simple but powerful idea. We believed that integrated marketing communication tactics built around a common message platform would be more effective and efficient than the typical silo approach that existed nearly 25 years ago. We also came to believe that the message platform should be the basis…

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Transform Your Messaging for a Competitive Advantage

Make Customers Happy (and Competitors Jealous) The right messaging can literally transform your products and services. Without making a single physical modification, messaging alone can create competitive advantage and attract more customers. It’s worth repeating. Messaging alone can attract more customers. How? By artfully revealing the elements that are essential to interested prospects. This is…

Building Brand Values From the Inside Out

Over the 23 years we have been providing public relations and marketing communications services, I have visited with hundreds of businesses—some big, some small and many more in between. I have met wonderful people, and others who I had to tell politely that they were too awful to consider working with. I had two recent…

The 40th Anniversary of a Key Message Gone Awry

Key messages are the building blocks for a strong brand – but if not done right, they can build a brand legacy you’d rather not have.  Today marks the 40th anniversary of just such a message. The Goal: Getting the Message Perfect Key messages are intended to grab the attention of your target audience while distinguishing…

Don’t Shoot the Messenger, Just Get the Message Right

We’ve all heard the old advice, “don’t shoot the messenger.” Actually it is very old, credited to Shakespeare in a reference from his history play King Henry IV, Part 2. Fast forward 415 years and there is still a relevant lesson here: it’s the message and not the delivery method that’s most important. If you…