Trevor Nolte

Create Internal Communications Design They Won’t Want to Throw Away

B2B marketers know that standing out is easier said than done. But what about when your audience is your own company?

Freddie Mercury, Graphic Designer? How the Singer Gave Queen an Identity Beyond the Music

The Queen logo, designed by lead singer Freddie Mercury, is as much a rock icon as the band itself. Here’s why it’s lasted more than 40 years.

Close-up of a digital camera.

Product Photography 101: Teaching the Basics at Mound Westonka High School

At SCG, we believe in the power of mentorship and giving back to our local community. Recently, my colleague Ryan Pederson and I had the opportunity to teach some basic product photography skills to AP art students at a local high school. We were invited to conduct an informal photography workshop with students from Mound…

The Creative Power of a DIY Mindset

It’s easier than ever to find someone who can do something for you. But there’s value in DIY, too – more than the satisfaction of a job well done.

Color Theory for Marketing Design – SCGPR

Color Theory is Essential for Marketing Designers of All Skill Levels

Designing anything with color – logos, ads, banners, newsletters, business cards, websites – can be overwhelming for anyone, whether it’s your profession or just a hobby. But once you understand the basics of color theory, you can start to uncover and master the mechanics and tricks of the trade.

Go Local for Food and Photos

The movement to buy local is a great concept that can lead to lasting benefits. Contrary to what some people believe when they hear “buy local,” it’s not meant to persuade everyone to only consume products from hyper-local producers and shops, but merely to inform and introduce everyone to options in their own community. I…

Ten Tips for a Successful Product Photo Shoot

Photo shoots can be stressful and daunting, but with the right preparation they can also go off without a hitch. Before every shoot I often think about what’s being captured and how I can help get the best results. And like anything, the best outcomes follow those who prepare well. I always take a moment…