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How to Differentiate Your Brand

SCG helps clients differentiate their brands along three levels of product, which helps them realize and leverage their competitive advantages.

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Looking for a Real Competitive Advantage? You Need Primary Research.

Primary research is one of those things that’s easy to put off. It can often seem like a luxury and take months to properly complete. Further, you never really know the true value of it until it’s done. It’s a bit of a leap of faith. So why do it? There are three main reasons…

It’s Never Really About Price

Many marketers and sales professionals still assume that price is a top consideration in B2B sales, but our 20 years of research have shown otherwise. Read Patrick Strother’s thoughts on why selling on price alone is a failure.

What is Your Marketing Really Signaling to Prospects and Customers?

Your brand has an identity. You’ve got logos, taglines, brand colors—the works. There are people—possibly YOU—whose job it is to be on top of your brand’s marketing. Despite all these things, it’s possible your marketing is sending out signals you don’t intend.

Strother Communications Group 26th Anniversary – SCGPR

SCG Turns 26

26 years is a curious milestone. Is this the start of another 25-year run, or just another year of evidence that what worked for the first 25 years still works? The Secret to Success If you want to know the secret to staying in business for 26 years, it is important to understand there is…

Unlock the Power of Your Brand With This Proven Marketing Strategy

SCG was founded in 1992 based on a simple but powerful idea. We believed that integrated marketing communication tactics built around a common message platform would be more effective and efficient than the typical silo approach that existed nearly 25 years ago. We also came to believe that the message platform should be the basis…

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Celebrating 25 Years of Creating Meaningful Work and Results

It’s official. Strother Communications Group is 25. We are now among the 7% of all American businesses that made it to a quarter of a century. May 7, 1992 is our official start date, but the company really began sometime in late November of 1991. I simply didn’t get around to filing the articles of…

Harness the Power of SCG’s Integrated B2B Marketing Machine

Business is changing rapidly, especially for companies that sell exclusively to other businesses. B2B buying behavior has changed dramatically over the last decade—becoming much more self-reliant, research-oriented and sales-averse. Studies from the Corporate Executive Board Company reveal that today’s B2B buyers go through nearly 60% of the purchasing process before ever talking to a sales…

Building Brand Values From the Inside Out

Over the 23 years we have been providing public relations and marketing communications services, I have visited with hundreds of businesses—some big, some small and many more in between. I have met wonderful people, and others who I had to tell politely that they were too awful to consider working with. I had two recent…

Lessons from Losing

I don’t like to lose. Never have. But as much as I dislike losing, I have learned that it is a great teacher and can help you win next time—if you are open and willing to learn the lesson it offers. As I watched the Belmont Stakes on Saturday I found myself rooting for California…