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9 steps to great b2b content

9 Simple Steps to Great Content for Your B2B Blog

The argument for using content marketing for B2B companies is no longer an argument at all. Last week we shared that nearly all B2B buyers research extensively online as part of their purchase process. Once they narrow their choices, nearly half of these buyers view 3-5 pieces of content, often from a company’s blog, before…

Why Award Submissions are Important

SCG was honored with three Minnesota PRSA 2019 Classics Awards: Special Purpose Publications, Media Relations and Internal Communications.

The Secret Lives of B2B Marketers

I recently blogged that no matter what you do, you have a culture so it might as well be a good one. SCG has worked purposefully to have a good one, and it is remarkable to see how our agency culture gels around our six core values (Knowledge, Creativity, Putting Others First, Partnership, Mentoring and Nimble). The most amazing part to me is that my colleagues embrace these values in their lives outside of work too.

The Value in Corporate Values – SCG

Free Money: Discover the Value in Employee Communications and Corporate Values

Employee communications and corporate culture can bring 20% more profit by increasing retention and engagement. The first step is setting corporate values.

Behind the scenes of video production or video shooting at studio location with film crew camera team

Why B2B Video Marketing is Essential in 2019

B2B video is the perfect way to put your message in motion to attract and convert prospects, as well as boost your recruiting efforts. Video should be considered an essential element in your 2019 content marketing plan for several reasons. 1. B2B Prospects Watch Video The explosive growth in YouTube video sharing is no secret.…

Lost Engagement Rings and Found Memories

I may have lost my mother’s would-be engagement ring years ago, but what I found this week were very pleasant memories of my mother.

shot from the movie Free Solo

Free Solo is a Free Lesson in Persuasion

This week I learned about the movie Free Solo, the National Geographic documentary film about the famous climber Alex Honnold as he prepares to and climbs the 3,000-foot El Capitan rock formation in Yosemite National Park – without ropes. I had never heard of Alex Honnold nor thought much about free solo climbing until someone…

Who is ProPublica?

In what has become an unfathomable news week, it was just Monday (June 18, 2018) that the nonprofit journalism organization ProPublica published the 8-minute recording of crying children separated from their parents at the U.S. border…

Punching Above Our Weight Class: How We Solve and Simplify Better Than Others

At Strother Communications Group, our unifying goal is a high level of quality and polish and has been for 26 years. Every detail counts for our clients and reflects on the agency. When our advisory board offered to lead an offsite meeting to provide fresh perspective on how to take the agency to an even…

markers near a whiteboard

Transform Your Messaging for a Competitive Advantage

Make Customers Happy (and Competitors Jealous) The right messaging can literally transform your products and services. Without making a single physical modification, messaging alone can create competitive advantage and attract more customers. It’s worth repeating. Messaging alone can attract more customers. How? By artfully revealing the elements that are essential to interested prospects. This is…