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What’s the Best CMS for Website Development? – IWCO Direct

WordPress vs. Craft vs. Drupal – How to Pick the Best CMS for Your Website

The SCG web team loves web content management systems, and we always select the best CMS for the project. Budget, needs, features and other requirements all need to be addressed before we make our recommendation.

Spark email app

How the Spark Email Client Won My Heart

When it comes to email clients (the apps you use to read, send and organize your emails) my guess would be that most individuals pick one and stick with it—or, for work, they use what the job demands. Believe it or not, there are some great alternative email clients out there. Many of these apps are free…

Craft CMS Code - Twig/HTML/Tailwind CSS/Functional CSS

Why Web Development Pros Love Craft CMS

Whether you’re a front-end web developer, designer or marketing professional at a midsize business, choosing the right web content management system (CMS) for your specific needs is overwhelming. The hardest part just may be that many CMSs are great solutions when implemented safely and properly. But as Matt explained last week, at SCG we have…

5 Quick UI Animation Tips to Make Your Website Move Users

Gone are the days when Flash ruled the web in terms of motion design, animation and interactivity. This is when I got my start with web development and design, and it was the time of the uselessly dreaded Y2K bug and when the dot com bubble went ker-plop! In retrospect, things were simpler back then.…

Brave Web Browser Privacy – SCGPR

Speedy Surfing with the Brave Web Browser

What web browser are you using to read this blog article? Chances are it’s Chrome if you’re on a non-mobile device or an Android phone – and, let me guess, Safari if you’re an iPhone user?

MEA website screenshot

Making a Complex Web Project Look Simple

At SCG, we take pride in our ability to simplify the complex. Whether it’s staying ahead of the latest tech trends to deliver a top-notch digital presence or web project, boosting lead generation to attract new business, getting a leg up on your advertising or refreshing your brand from top to bottom, we help our…

Building a New Website? Choosing Between an Open Source CMS or a Proprietary CMS

If you’re deciding on a Content Management System (CMS) for your new website, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed—there are hundreds of options out there. To narrow your search, first consider the choice between proprietary and open source. Choosing the right CMS for a new website is a bit like choosing between buying and leasing a…

Is it Time to Refresh or Redesign Your Website?

Websites don’t last forever, but conscientious web design and development can ensure that your site will stay up to date with regular changes and without major hassle. If it’s been 3-5 years since you last updated your website design, there’s a good chance you’re due for some upgrades. Much like renovating your kitchen at home,…

Strother Communications Group Named to Biz Journal’s Top Public Relations Firms List

Look what just arrived in the mail! Plum was pleased to accept this award from the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, which named SCG as one of Minnesota’s Top Public Relations Firms. We’re honored to be recognized for our work. Most importantly, we’d like to thank our roster of amazing clients who make it all possible.…