The Importance of Supporting Your Brand Through B2B Content Marketing

According to a 2014 State of B2B Procurement study, 94% of B2B buyers research extensively online as part of their purchase process. They’ll go through Google searches, check business websites, visit aggregate list sites and read user reviews all before making their final decision. One of the best ways for your company to show up in front of your target audience during that online search process is through content marketing.

Using content marketing to support your brand is a crucial way to reach your desired audience. Through videos, blogs, downloadable content and social media, you can have a much more direct impact on the person you want interested in what you have to offer. There’s a certain relationship at play when brands use content marketing—it makes the potential customer feel closer to you, like they’re being talked to and not being talked at.

Here’s why content marketing is a vital tool in any company’s toolbox.

Reinforce Your Authentic Voice

You want to stand out from the crowd, right? Of course you do. You know you’ve got a product to be proud of, so flaunt it. Use the voice you’ve carefully chosen to represent your brand and let your audience hear you. Customers appreciate not being served corporate-speak.

Blogs, videos, ebooks and social media are great channels to distribute the message you’re trying to send. It goes back to reaching your desired audience in a more direct way. Be boastful or be modest. Be loud or be informational. Be whatever it is that you’re trying to be, but make sure it is uniquely you.

Keep Things Fresh

I can count on one hand—no, make that zero hands—how many times I’ve come to a website that appears stale and static and thought to myself, “Why, yes, I would like to give this company my money because it appears they know what they’re doing!”

Having outdated content and videos at the top of your site’s index list is not only a death knell when it comes to consumer decision making, it also hurts your visibility. When a person is beginning the purchasing process, more than likely their starting point is Google. Google’s algorithm rewards frequency of high quality and punishes stale and low quality. That means if you don’t keep your site’s content up to date with new articles, updated copy, and engaging multimedia offerings, you’ll fall further and further down the search rankings.

Become a Resource

Another advantage of content marketing is that it lets you flex your muscles. You know why your product is superior and the context within your market that makes it so. So tell people! By putting out blog posts, videos or social posts detailing what you know, you’re becoming a resource for the internet. When a consumer takes to Google to begin the purchasing process, they’ll search for a broad term that your product will fall under. The more fresh information you have on the subject, the more likely your site will find their eyes.

Once you’ve established yourself as something of an authority in your market, the door is opened for informational sites linking back to your site. These are called in-bound links. The more in-bound links you attain, the more visibility you receive.

If you’re mired somewhere in the middle of Google’s search rankings and looking for way to rise—or if you just need help injecting some life into your site’s content—shoot me an email and we’ll get started on some top-notch content marketing today.

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