The Secret Lives of B2B Marketers

Knowledge is a core value at SCG. This weekly column highlights something interesting learned recently by one of our team members. We hope you find it intriguing and informative.

I recently blogged that no matter what you do, you have a culture so it might as well be a good one.

SCG has worked purposefully to have a good one, and it is remarkable to see how our agency culture gels around our six core values (Knowledge, Creativity, Putting Others First, Partnership, Mentoring and Nimble). The most amazing part to me is that my colleagues embrace these values in their lives outside of work too.

For example, let’s take Logan Lafferty, four-year account veteran. It is no secret that Logan loves books. We often see him returning from the library with a huge stack. (Knowledge value, check). But what escaped my radar was the intensity of his after-hours writing passion. Over the course of 18 months, Logan wrote a collection of short stories and recently self-published on Amazon. (Creativity value, check, check.) Our 17-year-tenured Creative Director Trevor Nolte helped Logan with the cover and other design aesthetics. This allows a couple more values to be checked like Mentoring, Partnership, and Putting Others First.

These seven stories are not your typical B2B marketing genre, unless you are horrified by your current situation. If so, you might relate to Between a Rock and Oblivion or Within a Forest Dark. As one of his Amazon reviewers writes, “Monkeys and Typewriters is an engaging collection of descriptive short stories that, not only captures your attention, but also pulls you right into the stories.” I hope you will download a copy and jump right in.

Logan tells me that there may be more books in his future. There are also more secrets to share about the secret lives of our team but those will have to wait for now.

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