Freddie Mercury, Graphic Designer? How the Singer Gave Queen an Identity Beyond the Music

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This week, I learned that Queen frontman Freddie Mercury’s range didn’t just cover several octaves – he had some serious graphic design chops, too!

Mercury created the band’s iconic, regal logo (officially called the “Queen crest”) in 1973. Variations of his initial design (below, left) famously graced both the A Day at the Races (1975) and A Night at the Opera (1976) album covers and has become synonymous with the band across media and merch around the world. It embodies the haughty, baroque stylings of the band’s unique sound while building on the personal identities of its members, incorporating the zodiac signs of bassist John Deacon and drummer Roger Taylor (two lions for two Leos), guitarist Brian May (a crab for Cancer), and Mercury himself (two fairies for Virgo).

Mercury’s creativity across art forms highlights not just the power of a truly creative mindset but also how strong logo design – even one as flashy as Queen’s – can lead a brand around the world and across decades.

Of course, Freddie Mercury wasn’t alone: John Lennon, David Byrne, Bob Dylan, Kim Gordon, Ronnie Wood, David Bowie, Patti Smith, Tony Bennett, Joni Mitchell, and Robyn Hitchcock are just a few famous musicians skilled in the visual arts.

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