Using Data & Digital Billboards to Combat Commuter Anxiety

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We’ve all experienced at least some degree of stress and anxiety when commuting on public transportation. I’ll go so far as to claim it’s an impossible thing to avoid. You’re around a bunch of strangers in situations not always in your control—of course it’s going to be stressful.

But the metro system in Stockholm, Sweden, is trying to do something about it. Digital billboards “whose images change in real time based on the emotions of passers-by, using publicly available data” began popping up at the beginning of March throughout trains and stations. Although the exhibit ended this past weekend, it’s an encouraging sign that public data collection can be used for something…not sinister. Maybe this can be a polite nudge in the ribs to the Twin Cities Metro to put up digital billboards featuring lots of sunshine during the six months that we’re buried under feet of snow!

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