Only 54% of B2Bs Use Content Marketing to Build Loyalty. Don’t Be Part of the 46%

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For some B2B marketers, content marketing belongs strictly under the “customer acquisition” heading. But the loyalty-building opportunities provided by content marketing are many and varied, from engagement programs and value-added services to customer communications and cross-sell/upsell programs.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that only 54% of B2B marketers surveyed by the Content Marketing Institute use content marketing for loyalty efforts. That means that 46% of business-to-business brands in the year 2019 aren’t using content marketing to expand relationships with their existing customer base! Let me tell you, that’s the very definition of a missed opportunity.

Get it?

We know that content marketing (and a strong content strategy to guide it) are worth it from every angle. And B2B content marketing can prove particularly valuable, since B2Bs often have products or services that lend themselves well to in-depth discussions and expert analysis. Put that content in front of an audience that has already given you a stamp of approval (i.e., your existing customers) and you may find your sales process easier than ever.

Regular content, including what you put out through social media, maintains the vibrancy and connection your clients expect from any modern business. It also reinforces messaging through repeated touchpoints and, when you get really smart with it, even lets you stay in touch and offer personal communications with great flexibility.

Wanna be part of the 54% of B2B companies who know the value of using B2B content marketing to turn erstwhile clients into lifelong partners? Drop us a line today.

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