Tips to Improve Your Google Search Results with Two Simple Tools

These two useful Google search tools will help you get more exact and relevant results.

Google is constantly improving its world-leading search engine. To deliver more relevant information, Google search algorithms often customizes your results based on your search history as well as what it views as related terms, synonyms or alternate spellings of your query topic. However, sometimes you’ll find that the information presented isn’t what you were looking for.

a screenshot of the Google home page using verbatim search

If you want a more exact match to your search phrase, Google makes it easier and faster with a tool called Verbatim search. Just hit the “Tools” button underneath the Google search field and switch from “All results” to “Verbatim” in the drop-down menu. According to Search Engine Watch, this will remove any personalized, corrected, suggested, related and non-inclusive results. This returns search results that are also different than the results generated by the familiar method of using quotation marks around a search phrase.

a screenshot of the Google home page search with selected time periods

Another tool that I use often is the time filter. Located just to the left of the Verbatim tool, you can select from a variety of options from the past hour to the past year – or a custom range of your choice. It’s a great way to ensure that the information you’re reading is up-to-date.

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