Need Creative Ideas? Then Use Small Teams

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A New York Times story caught my eye recently while I was scrolling through my news feed. In the face of ever-expanding research consortiums, a new study has determined that the smaller the group working on a problem, the more likely it is to generate innovative solutions.

This may remind you of Jeff Bezos’ “Two Pizza Rule,” which states that no meeting should have more people in it than two pizzas can feed. Or it might simply remind you of the old saying, “too many cooks in the kitchen.”

We’ve found the same to be true at SCG. No matter the task – from developing ad headlines to refreshing a client’s brand – we tend to get our most creative ideas in small group settings, rather than all hands on deck.

In fact, we’ll often meet in a small group to present the challenge and define our objective, then ask each person to bring 3-5 of their most creative ideas to a later meeting. Oftentimes an incubation period is required for great ideas to appear. The various pieces of disconnected information need time to simmer in your subconscious for a bit, and the “ah ha” moment often happens when you least expect it – not while everyone is staring at a whiteboard with a time limit on their creativity.

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Jeron Udean

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