Why B2B Video Marketing is Essential in 2019

B2B video is the perfect way to put your message in motion to attract and convert prospects, as well as boost your recruiting efforts. Video should be considered an essential element in your 2019 content marketing plan for several reasons.

1. B2B Prospects Watch Video

The explosive growth in YouTube video sharing is no secret. The platform now has about a billion users. This is almost one-third of internet users world-wide. A meaningful portion of those users are also the B2B prospects and recruits you are trying to reach.

2. Engage Faster

B2B video is an incredibly effective digital marketing tool because it can engage your targeted audience faster and more effectively than written copy alone. We are visual beings. Music, drone footage, and sparks in motion create immediate interest and pull us in. And when audio isn’t ideal for the viewer, text overlays guide the story. Don’t dismiss long-copy content though – video and the written word are better together. Using a fishing analogy, engaging video sets the hook and content reels them in. Emotion plays an important role in B2B purchase decisions too, which is where video shines. Logic is also important, and that’s where longer copy components like blogs and case studies support your lead generation efforts.

3. Convey More Content Succinctly

A decade ago, Dr. James McQuivey’s Forrester study ventured if a picture is worth a thousand words, a minute of video content is worth at least 1.8 million words. That’s three times as many words than in Tolstoy’s War and Peace – in 60 seconds. When you weigh the options of reading 361 chapters or watching a 60-second video to gather introductory data about a possible B2B partner or employer, it’s easy to see how the scales tip toward a video’s persuasive powers.

Messaging Drives, Collaboration Guides

At SCG we believe the message is everything. The message is what allows your product or service to stand out. Collaboration with our clients is what brings the best result. We help our clients find the right messaging around their offerings. By understanding what’s most important to the market, combined with your insights and what competitors are saying, we craft messaging to make your product stand above the rest. We also walk your shop floor and office area with you to begin the creative process to find the most compelling way to tell your story. With an approved story board and shot list in hand, we plan and schedule the video shoot to create the least amount of disruption. You’ll approve the script and text overlays as the editing process gets underway. Often, we structure the shoot so we can have two or three finished videos for one project. Think corporate video, recruiting video and sales presentation video.

More About Emotion

There are many benefits when introducing video into your B2B marketing. Viewers have greater retention of key concepts than when only reading copy. Video also provides the opportunity to both inform and connect on an emotional level. Whether a you’re talking to B2C or B2B consumer, emotion cannot be overlooked during the sales or recruitment process. More often than not, the final decision is shaped by a positive relationship. Videos allow you to promote that relationship by showcasing how your team interacts and how they solve your customers’ challenges.

Reaching Prospects and Recruits

Video provides a compelling look inside your company to see how and where you create your products without requiring the viewer to leave their desk. With their interest piqued, and your website capturing their interest, your first meeting can get off to a high-energy start by including a video clip in your presentation. Current customers and staff are often happy to participate in a testimonial video – showcasing their own success with your products and services.

Recruiting and retention remain one of the most important aspects of running a successful organization. This is especially challenging for manufacturers and B2B companies. Just as video is appealing to your prospects as they learn about your company, it is equally appealing to job seekers.

An Example – Link Manufacturing Videos

To give you a better sense of our video marketing strategies and results, here are two videos SCG created for Link Manufacturing. The first 3-minute video was designed to introduce the company at an international exhibition. The story was built around the company’s positioning Driven to Outperform and tells the story of OEMs around the world who turn to Link to solve suspension or chassis problems. The visuals and text overlays are set to music that is an original score written and performed by our multi-talented Digital Media Director Brian Larson. For use back at headquarters in Sioux Center, Iowa, a companion video was developed to showcase world-class career paths. The benefits of the companion video were two-fold. It has anchored recruitment efforts across the region, and it also inspired current employees as they were able to share their personal views to contribute to the future success of the company. All employees participated in a survey which shaped the content, and several were included in the final footage.

If you would like to learn how SCG can help you create B2B video to support your marketing and recruiting goals, check out our B2B video capabilities and drop me a line or call 612-288-2403.

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