How the Spark Email Client Won My Heart

When it comes to email clients (the apps you use to read, send and organize your emails) my guess would be that most individuals pick one and stick with it—or, for work, they use what the job demands. Believe it or not, there are some great alternative email clients out there. Many of these apps are free or “freemium.” After trying a small multitude of these I’ve fully switched over to the one that won my heart: It’s called Spark, from a company called Readdle. If you’re an iPhone and/or Mac user, read on.

Why choose the Spark email client?

Why? Well, because it’s awesome. I suppose I’ll elaborate a bit as to why. Like many of the other alternatives, Spark makes it easy to see what emails are important, “pin” and/or snooze them if needed, and it groups the clutter in such a way that you can archive or delete emails with one swipe, click or keyboard shortcut. It also has full calendar support. You can create a link to an email to share with others and get questions answered. In fact, the premium paid version allows you to fully collaborate with teammates. You can draft emails in real time with others, and every email can have its own discussion thread. I could see this being incredibly powerful for sales teams, support teams and virtual companies.

How much does it cost?

Yay, it’s freemium! I’m the only one using Spark so far at SCG so it’s 100% free for me. And you get a ton of features without having to pay a dime. The free version even allows for two active collaborators for shared drafts, five email templates and 5 GB of storage. The Premium version currently starts at $6.39 per active user, per month.

What email stuff does it support?

As of this writing, Spark supports Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo!, iCloud, Outlook (or Office 365) and Kerio. I use Office 365 and have iCloud wired up just to add personal calendar support with Spark.

Top Spark Email Client Features

  • Smart Inbox (“See what’s important and quickly clean up the rest”)
  • Smart Search (uses natural language search like “emails from Kathy with attachments from last week”)
  • Snooze Emails (I don’t want you now but come back later please!)
  • Send Later (Hey, it’s 11 PM! Perhaps I’ll have this reply go after Steve has his second cup of coffee in the morning)
  • Reminder to Follow-up (If Monday comes around and Tina hasn’t replied yet remind me to give her a friendly nudge)
  • Smart Notifications (“Mute strangers and automated messages” per email account)
  • Create Link to Email (Send links to a particular email or full threads from your inbox)
  • Private Team Comments*
  • Shared Drafts*
  • Reply and Send with Dynamic Email Templates*
  • Create Email with Teammates*

*Includes limitations for free version

Summing it up

The main takeaway here is this: Apple Mail, Gmail and Outlook aren’t the only options out there for email and RIP Google Inbox, which is what I used to use (that’s what led me to Spark). So, what have you got to lose? All your email is floating around in clouds anyway so it’s usually safe to just try a bunch of different email clients and see what you like. Have fun! INBOX ZERO! 🙌🏼

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