Great Photography is Your Most Powerful Tool for Getting Better Media Coverage

Anyone who has ever been through the process of getting a news release written, approved and distributed knows it is no small feat. Perfecting the copy, getting approval, and prepping it for simultaneous distribution and posting to the website takes a lot of time and effort. All this with the hope (not the guarantee) that it generates positive media coverage for your company.

But along the way, did you neglect to do the one thing that will likely have the biggest impact on whether you get the coverage you’re seeking? Having good, high-resolution photography to accompany your news release can determine how much media coverage your announcement receives, or how prominently it’s featured (300 DPI at 3×3 inches is a good rule of thumb). In fact, PR Newswire analyzed more than 35,000 news releases and found those with a photo received 1.4X more views. This is particularly true with understaffed trade magazines or online outlets that cover B2B industries because it makes their jobs easier.

This isn’t earth-shattering news to anyone who has worked in media relations for any length of time, but sometimes it’s important to review the fundamentals and make sure you get them right. Whether it’s a new product launch, a new hire or special recognition, organizations often control the timing of their announcement, so take the necessary steps to have photography available.

Good Photography Can Equal Great Media Coverage

Let me give you a real-world example of how important the right photo can be. Over the past few weeks, I’ve had multiple conversations with the editor of a trade magazine doing a feature story on 10 industry leaders.

You would like to think the chosen few would be selected based solely on the merits of their careers, and their significant innovations or ground-breaking strategies that truly reshaped their company or industry. But through our conversations, it became clear that an interesting, print-quality photo of each nominee would play nearly as important a role as anything on their resume. Of course, a solid career of leadership was a requirement, but the photo was what might ultimately decide who made the cut.

Trevor Millerbernd Headshot

This headshot of a client, staged and shot on location by the SCG team, is a good example of what many media outlets are looking for: high-resolution, plenty of space around the subject, well-lit, with the subject sharply in focus.

The importance of interesting, high quality photography can’t be overstated. Whenever possible, aim to get professional photos taken – not just a quick photo taken at the last minute with a smartphone. SCG’s in-house designer/photographer Ryan Pederson provided some excellent tips for taking corporate headshots, and many of them apply to product photography as well.

If you’re not getting as much media coverage as you’d like, or if your work isn’t being prominently featured, consider if a lack of quality photography is part of the reason. If you’d like to discuss how to improve your media relations efforts, I’d be happy to talk.

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