Traveler: A Distraction-Free Writing Tool for a Distraction-Filled World

We live in a world filled with distractions. More and more, companies are elbowing each other in an attempt to vie for your attention. This results in a cacophony of, well… things: ads, posts, videos, etc. This can make writing more difficult than it needs to be because it means there’s always something else to see or read, which is an easy way to get you out of a writing groove. In response, there a bunch of new gimmicks popping up to help you to combat that – something my colleague, Matt, wrote about in August.

This week I stumbled onto a writing tool that purports to cut out all the noise in order to boost your concentration when you write. It’s called Traveler, and I was immediately intrigued by the claim that it’s the “Ultimate Distraction-Free Writing Tool.” Even now, as I write this, I can feel the itch of the internet wanting to be surfed, so color me pleasantly surprised to find that Traveler offers “no distractions, harsh screens, or mushy keyboards… designed to help the modern writer get into a flow state and stay there.”

It appears great for traveling, weighing in at two pounds and about half the size of a normal laptop, while featuring a paper-white screen that is so beloved in the Amazon Kindle. Oh, it also has a four-week battery life. Yeah, you read that right – four weeks! While you can’t access any apps or websites (which would totally defeat the purpose), you are connected to Dropbox, Google Drive or Evernote – basically whichever cloud service you use to store your documents.

It’s being crowdfunded right now, so Traveler is not quite a reality yet. But anything that advertises doubling my daily word count has my attention – not a hard sell for someone whose expertise is in content marketing and other forms of writing that rely on a focus that’s too easily broken in an age of information overload.

Logan Lafferty

Logan brings his keen ability to turn a phrase and deft social media skills to give each client the boost they need. He combines knowledge gained from prior work in print journalism and local music fixtures to offer a breath of fresh air to social posts […] Read Bio »


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