Free Solo is a Free Lesson in Persuasion

This week I learned about the movie Free Solo, the National Geographic documentary film about the famous climber Alex Honnold as he prepares to and climbs the 3,000-foot El Capitan rock formation in Yosemite National Park – without ropes.

I had never heard of Alex Honnold nor thought much about free solo climbing until someone raved about the movie. A day later as I was preparing for a creative session, I ran across a quote from Mr. Honnold talking about how important it is to appropriately assess risk! Two days later, another person talked about how spectacular this movie is.

I now have a ticket to see Free Solo on Saturday night. I’m weak-kneed just thinking about it. I’ve always had great respect for heights – or, to be more honest, an unbridled fear. Just ask my family about our experiences crossing the Cascades or driving south on Highway 1. As a passenger, I found it very challenging to appreciate the views.

My movie ticket purchase is a good lesson in persuasion. At SCG, we know that, with multiple touch points, we can persuade a person to take an action, make a purchase or change their mind. Even a scaredy cat like me.

Pat Henning Strother

Patricia has shaped Strother Communications Group’s client service drawing from her extensive experience in finance and marketing in corporate and agency settings including Vice President of investor relations for both a regional and national […] Read Bio »


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