Could It Be? Could Twitter Actually Be Improving?

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In terms of popular opinion, Twitter has been trending downward for awhile now. For the past few years, the giant tech company has been embroiled in no shortage of challenges: parsing through Russian bots, stamping out terrorism recruitment, and being the center of debate surrounding what free speech means. This Vanity Fair article even goes so far as calling Twitter an “ass-backwards tech company.”

Even on a more basic, technical level, changes to Twitter have been often met with rebuke rather than praise. (Remember when the character limit for tweets was expanded to 280 characters? Talk about an overreaction!) One of the more ill-received features is the funky chronological setting that uses an algorithm to determine what Twitter thinks you want to see, disregarding the time that it was tweeted. This results in a jumbled, out-of-order mess of a Twitter feed.

But it appears that’s going to change. Twitter has evidently listened to criticism and acted on it for once, bringing back the option to view your timeline in reverse chronological order. No longer will users have to sift through the “best tweets” first, or have to determine which were written 12 hours ago or 12 seconds ago.

It essentially means that Twitter has issued a fix for something they broke that didn’t need fixing in the first place. But such is life in the digital world – I’ll take any positive I can get. Algorithms matter for our content marketing work, and this change should impact our campaigns for the better.

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