The Creative Power of a DIY Mindset

Knowledge is a core value at SCG. This weekly column highlights something interesting learned recently by one of our team members. We hope you find it intriguing, relevant and informative.

The Most Interesting Thing I Learned This Week is… just about anything I want to learn.

Being a designer comes with a few distinguishing skills and qualities – a natural sense for aesthetics, creativity and problem-solving in equal measure. I like to think that those qualities – curiosity and a self-starter attitude – also make me a “Do It Yourselfer”.

I’ve always been a bit frugal, so when I see something that needs to get done, my first thought is usually, “I can do it myself” (even if it’s outside my particular wheelhouse). I used to resort to trial and error to solve problems, but now the internet has filled that niche (as it has so many other areas of the curious mind). All the know-how is right there on YouTube.

For example, I’m in the middle of repairing some concrete around my house. Of course, I’m not a stonemason, and I could’ve called a repair guy that does concrete for a living – but I didn’t, because I wanted to learn how to do it myself. So off to YouTube I went, sure that I’d find someone with the knowledge to fix my problem and the time to share it with the internet:

Got a TV that’s not working right? DIY.

Need to repack your camper bearings? DIY.

You get the gist. The internet has opened the door for people to learn how to do things they might not otherwise have had the opportunity to learn, like coding, design and, yes, even concrete patching. It’s helped me expand my skillset and work my right-brain desire to try new things and my left-brain urge to fix problems at the same time. (Some of the videos out there are not aesthetically good quality, but they are from noble DIYers who are going out of their way to share their knowledge, so be patient.)

In a time when a professional is just a call away, we don’t put much emphasis on acquiring new skills for ourselves if we can’t see beyond the initial effort to learn. But if you find yourself wanting to know how to create, build, fix or change something, then learn something new and Do It Yourself.

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Trevor Nolte

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