SCG Turns 26

26 years is a curious milestone. Is this the start of another 25-year run, or just another year of evidence that what worked for the first 25 years still works?

The Secret to Success

If you want to know the secret to staying in business for 26 years, it is important to understand there is really no secret. I have always believed that it boils down to two main things:

  1. Having a deep understanding of what you can deliver better than the competition.
  2. What you are better at must create value.

Fortunately, SCG was founded on an idea that there was a fundamentally better way for an agency to deliver value to a client. The trick was always in finding people talented enough to pull it off.

Rejecting the Silo Mentality

Back in 1992 there were ad agencies and PR firms – that essentially operated as silos. The ad agencies produced advertising and the PR firms delivered PR. The problem was that many clients relied on their agency for recommendations that too often included a structural bias for their well-developed skill set rather than what was strategically in their best interest.

Differentiation Drives Our Communication Strategies

We believed that integrating all marketing communication tactics around a differentiated positioning platform and a set of anchoring key messages was a more reliable way to partner with a client to achieve outsized results. The onus was on us to develop deep skills in research and branding combined with an ability to execute and integrate PR, advertising and digital at a very high, creative level. This idea is still the driving force behind the agency’s daily work and we have many rewarding success stories that continue to give us confidence that this approach is still the most effective and efficient model to serve our clients.

Small But Mighty

This integrated approach allows us to consistently punch above our weight class. SCG has helped companies double and triple in size, improve their profit margins, launch countless new products, extend their reach around the world, strengthen their reputations, raise millions of dollars, deal with crises and in the process, earn our clients’ trust.

The Reward is Our Clients’ Success

One of the most significant rewards for doing anything hard, every day for a long time is the immense satisfaction that comes from getting better at it. In our case, seeing that translate into our clients’ success is the ultimate reward. As long as that continues to drive us, we’re likely to have many more anniversaries.

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Patrick Strother

Patrick founded Strother Communications Group (SCG) in 1992. His background is unique in that he has led both a public relations firm (Rowland Worldwide – Midwest) and an ad agency (Cevette and Company.) SCG was founded on the premise that […] Read Bio »


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