CSS Grid Gets the Green Light

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When I started out as a web developer, our only options for creating layouts were HTML tables and spacer gifs. Then CSS (cascading style sheets) arrived and changed everything. CSS was great in terms of its capabilities – it basically let you transform HTML into anything you wanted. However, there was also a downside: working with CSS typically involved lots of teeth gnashing and hair pulling. It wasn’t until frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation arrived that web devs found salvation. But the drawback was that creativity took a nose dive, and sites often ended up looking all the same.

At the same time, the folks behind CSS sought to eliminate the need for frameworks and make the lives of web devs easier with simplified tools for faster coding. Thus, CSS Grid was born. Finally a way to design and build website layouts without teeth gnashing!

CSS Grid Adds Value to Web Design by Cutting Down on Hassle

The question then became, “When can we use it?” or, more accurately, “When will all the browsers support it?” We obviously want our sites to function in as many browsers as possible. For a long time, as we waited for more browsers to support it, CSS Grid was more a concept than actually something we could use. But can we safely use CSS Grid today? According to web developer reference site CanIUse.com, the answer is a resounding yes!

All the most popular browsers now support CSS Grid. At SCG we love using Tailwind CSS to build sites, and there’s a plugin that allows us to take advantage of CSS Grid’s powerful features. We’re excited to apply these new capabilities for our clients, and we recommend all web devs take a look at this powerful tool.

Ryan Pederson

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