Marketing Technologies to Watch: Ghostery and Klaviyo

Knowledge is a core value at SCG. This weekly column highlights something interesting learned recently by one of our team members. We hope you find it intriguing, relevant and informative:

Did you know there are more than 5,000 marketing technologies (or martech, as we in the industry like to say) available today? That’s a significant leap from the approximately 150 that were on the market in 2011. This saturation of martech was the focus of a panel discussion hosted last week by ANA Business Marketing Minnesota, an organization I am honored to serve on the board for.

At SCG we take a thoughtful approach to the martech tools we use for our clients, but we’re always searching for innovative solutions. Last week’s panel introduced me to a couple new tools that we want to keep a closer eye on.


Analyzing a competitor’s digital advertising efforts can be challenging to track because so much of it is automated and personalized. Ghostery is a browser extension that shows users the data collection tools companies are using on any given site, along with the option to block them. These data collection trackers are used to inform and deliver ads, analyze online browsing behavior, connect social media and more. As a marketer, Ghostery can give you a picture of your competitor’s efforts and techniques.


Designed primarily for ecommerce initiatives, Klaviyo integrates email, Facebook and Instagram marketing efforts into one content management system. It helps brands drive sales with super-targeted content and then tracks those sales, integrating data from all three platforms for analysis.

I’m looking forward to exploring these tools more thoroughly in the coming weeks. If you’re curious about what type of martech tools we use at SCG, send me a note and I’d be happy to discuss our digital marketing solutions.

Dana Farmer

Dana creates compelling content for clients and gets it in front of the right eyes. She has managed public relations and social media for dozens of brands. With a background in Journalism, she’s a firm believer that getting the story right yields big results.


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