Why I’m Excited to Join SCG

Hello, SCG blog readers! I’m Kate, the new senior content strategist. This is the second agency I’ve worked for, and I have to tell you that one of the best parts of this career is the breadth of knowledge I’ve picked up from learning about clients’ industries. So I’ve had a great time the past few weeks learning so many new things. In the spirit of information-sharing, here are a few things you should know about me:

Writing and editing are my passions. That seems to be the case for a lot of people at SCG, and I’m happy to add my collection of style guides to their collection of style guides. (That’s how you know a writer is really making herself at home.)

 I’m into the content strategy scene. That is a real thing! Minneapolis is home to one of the best international content strategy conferences (shoutout to Confab), which is what helped me point my career in a more focused direction after I arrived at the insight, “I’m a good writer… and I live on the internet… Now what?” I also do extra dorky content things like following Instagram accounts about microcopy.

I’ve been a client too. I started my career at an agency, but for the past few years I’ve been on the content team at a healthcare IT company. One of the most interesting parts of my time there was experiencing the other side of the agency/client relationship. My least favorite agency treated every project like a transaction, assigned the work to a virtual stranger and was such a chore to work with that I still get mad thinking about it. My favorite agency was staffed with real experts who invested themselves in our partnership and solving our problems.

I joined SCG because it’s that kind of agency. In fact, “partnership” is an explicitly stated core value here, in addition to “putting others first.” Knowing about these values gave me a lot of confidence in my decision to join the SCG team, and I’m so excited to demonstrate them in our work for clients. Want to be one? Get in touch!

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Kate Tichy

With experience in public relations, content creation and content governance, Kate has a knack for whipping content into shape. She spent the first decade of her career at a PR agency, then took a turn to the corporate side, managing content marketing for a fast-growing healthcare IT company. Having worn the client hat herself […] Read Bio »


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