The 5 Traits Blogging and One Simple Exercise Have in Common

The other day I clicked on the type of article I’m embarrassed to admit caught my eye. I’ll save you a similar fate: “Harley Pasternak’s Best Weight-Loss Tip Is So Easy, You’ll Think He’s Kidding” is completely focused on the importance of walking. That’s right; one of the best pieces of advice from a renowned fitness guru to the stars wasn’t some obscure form of yoga or a new diet fad—simply committing to one of the easiest and most natural forms of exercise in existence…Walking.

Everyone knows that walking is good for you. It helps your circulation, builds endurance, helps you manage stress and improves your mood. If all these positive outcomes are true, then why is it so often overlooked as one of the most effective ways of getting and staying in shape?

This got me thinking about the parallels between walking and the benefits of blogging. Over the years, we’ve had numerous discussions with clients and prospects about building their online presence, and I often get the impressions they’re expecting us to recommend a trendy social media platform. Instead, we focus most of our discussion on how important blogging can be to achieving their business goals.

Blogging isn’t necessarily glamorous, but it’s extremely effective in showcasing a company’s expertise and positioning them as an expert source. It also gives a website greater search engine visibility and provides significantly more chances to be found by prospects searching for your product or service. It’s a fundamental way to let everyone know the company is engaged with what’s happening in their industry and has something important to say.

Here are five parallels between the benefits of walking and the benefits of blogging:

1. It must become part of your regular routine

No one would expect to get lasting results by exercising a handful of times or frequently starting and stopping a routine. The same is true with blogging. You won’t land a new prospect after two posts or see a noticeable spike in web traffic. But keep at it until blogging is ingrained as part of your communications efforts and you’ll have a regular following of readers and a solid archive of articles to populate the web with your expertise.

2. You likely won’t see immediate results, but the long-term benefits of blogging and walking are profound

Can you image exercising for just a week and then stopping because you didn’t immediately lose 20 pounds? Companies are often ready to throw in the towel if new business doesn’t come pouring in after two or three blog posts. Blogging doesn’t always come with immediate gratification (although it sometimes does). But over time you will increase traffic to your site, create a dedicated readership and see your site show up in search results you never did before.

3. Variety is key

If you walk the same route all the time, you will get bored and will begin to lose motivation. You need to change things up to keep it interesting. The same goes for blogging. If you blog about the same topic over and over, your readers will start to lose interest. There are a lot of ways you can mix up your blogging routine. Invite new people from your company to write an article or critique a trade article you read and share an important point it overlooked or didn’t spend enough time addressing. If a topic needs to be explored in depth, break it up into a series of articles. These are just a few ideas on how to avoid, or get out of, a blogging rut.

4. You’ll get compliments on the “new you”

When you get in better shape, people will notice. When you start blogging regularly and build a following, you’ll get compliments as well. Maybe it will be a positive comment from a customer or colleague. Maybe people will share it through their LinkedIn or Facebook page. Or perhaps another website will link to your article. All of these are and should be considered compliments and fuel your efforts.

5. You’ll get stronger

When you start getting in better shape, you feel it. You’re lighter on your feet, aches and pains go away, your clothes fit better and your muscles feel stronger. When you blog regularly and effectively, you’ll notice an increase in web traffic, your SEO rankings will improve and you’ll get your brand in front of people you likely wouldn’t have otherwise.

Of course, understanding the benefits of blogging and doing it effectively are two different things. Check back for an upcoming post where we’ll share tips on how to create compelling blog content. In the meantime, you can contact us to get your blogging efforts off on the right foot.

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