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SCG was founded in 1992 based on a simple but powerful idea. We believed that integrated marketing communication tactics built around a common message platform would be more effective and efficient than the typical silo approach that existed nearly 25 years ago. We also came to believe that the message platform should be the basis for the communication strategy, not the other way around.

It turned out we were right. We have found that project work is consistently 20 -30 percent less efficient than incorporating a similar scale project within an ongoing integrated program. This is especially true for larger scale projects like building a website. When you have a deep understanding of your client’s communication platform and differentiated position in their market it informs everything from the information architecture to design, copy and tone. It is also more efficient for SEO and a myriad of other details that make the website more compelling to prospects and customers.

One of the most important keys to successful integrated communications is having a coherent, reliable methodology for creating a vision for the brand.



Over the past 15 years we have developed and refined our own proprietary approach to branding that includes our own primary research methodology (IPQ Research, Importance/Performance Query) and related Brand Vision process.

Our Brand Vision approach leads to one relevant, well-researched brand strategy that can be executed through the most appropriate communications disciplines to any of the audience segments. In other words, the message platform and positioning for advertising, direct marketing, integrated marketing, public relations, content production and publication strategies, web development and related digital campaign strategies all derive from the same place.



The two bridges that connect the current Brand Status to the Brand Vision includes two critical elements:

  1. Belief Dynamics involves understanding what the market believes about your brand that is both true and untrue. Belief dynamics helps determine why customers behave the way they do and answers the question, “How do we make our brand part of our customers’ world?” Our IPQ research approach is designed to discover what is most important to your customers and prospects and also to reveal their perception of your performance on those same importance criteria.
  2. The Leadership Equity Model is a unique and rich way of discovering where the brand has the potential to assert leadership. Old brand leaders dominated their categories by owning the ‘core’ category benefit. New brand leaders will lead their categories by owning the benefit that best defines where the category is headed. Having a deep understanding of where your brand can lead in a meaningful way, opens up new opportunities for long term growth and leadership.

Brand Vision Unifies Integrated Marketing Around a Common Message Platform.

In short, Brand Vision enables our clients to transition from individual disciplines working against separate yet perhaps similar objectives and measurements to one team, one mission, dedicated to the brand.

If you are interested in exploring how you can build a more powerful brand and integrated marketing strategy to accelerate your growth, just drop me a line.


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Patrick Strother

Patrick founded Strother Communications Group (SCG) in 1992. His background is unique in that he has led both a public relations firm (Rowland Worldwide – Midwest) and an ad agency (Cevette and Company.) SCG was founded on the premise that […] Read Bio »


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