IWCO Direct Gets an Image Refresh with New Leadership Team Photos

At Strother Communications Group, we take pride in not only offering a wide variety of services and strategy – from traditional public relations and marketing to website development – that can meet all our clients’ objectives. One of our capabilities is corporate photography; SCG’s Ryan Pederson and Trevor Nolte are experts behind the viewfinder and know how to compose the perfect photos of our clients’ offices, facilities and people.

In 2017, we’ve been working hard with our partners at IWCO Direct, a national leader in data-driven direct marketing solutions, to refresh the company’s online presence. It started with the launch of its new website in March of this year. To match the website’s fresh look, we also conducted a photo shoot of the IWCO Direct leadership team to create photos that matched the sleek, polished look of the new site.

photo lighting test

With Ryan behind the camera, SCG Creative Director Trevor Nolte tests lighting conditions before the shoot.

It took some work to complete a shoot of this scale, but we’re pleased with the results and – most importantly – so is our client. We were honored that IWCO Direct Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications Debora Haskel chose to recognize our work on the company’s SpeakingDIRECT blog. She wrote:

The highlight of my day came when I saw this email from my colleague Krista Black:

“Hi there—I just thought you might get a kick out of hearing that every person I talked to this morning about their headshots (4+ people) made a point to say, “…and they’re really good guys…” I was chuckling to myself because I thought it was kind of a weird thing for so many people to say in isolated conversations. But I just finished my session before lunch, and everyone was right! The photographers are doing a really nice job of making everyone feel comfortable, and I got to see a bunch of people’s photos, which all look great. Not sure who found/hired them, but nice work to whoever it was!”

We didn’t have to look far to find the photographers, Trevor and Ryan, since they’re part of the team at Strother Communications Group (SCG). You see SCG’s name on our press releases, and their work behind the scenes made this blog appear today and pushed it to you if you’re a subscriber. (If you’re not, click here to become one.) And by the way, they also built our new website, share our love of dogs, chocolate, and laughing with us a lot as they help to power our marketing.

We believe that serving our clients’ needs and interests through true partnership is one of the reasons we’ve maintained so many long-term client relationships. We’re proud that an innovative, successful company like IWCO Direct trusts us to be its marketing partner.

Trevor Nolte portrait at SCG client photo shoot

Trevor also doubles as a pretty good stand-in photo model when needed.

If your company’s corporate photos look like a reflection of your past rather than your present and future, SCG can provide reasonable and stress-free corporate photography services to fit your needs and budget. Contact me and we can get the conversation started.

To get some tips on how to best prepare for a corporate photoshoot, read Ryan Pederson’s blog on the subject.

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