Creating a Vibrant Video Trilogy for Millerbernd Manufacturing

Video engages people like no other medium. Statistics project that in 2017, 74 percent of all web traffic will be made up of online videos. That’s why our client, Millerbernd Manufacturing, chose video as a key marketing tool in their customer acquisition and recruitment efforts.

With the right strategy and content, the ability of video to pique interest, capture attention and convey a message is unsurpassed. Case in point: when Millerbernd Manufacturing – a manufacturer of steel poles, rolled rings and cylinders – needed a potent way to showcase their company to prospects and convey their culture to potential employees, video led the way.

The project started with a video shoot of Millerbernd’s headquarters. Our visual design pros – Creative Director Trevor Nolte and Senior Web Developer Ryan Pederson – captured footage of the vibrant, industrial Millerbernd workplace and the beauty of its home in Winsted, MN. To demonstrate the excitement on the shop floor, they shot high-resolution video of flash welding, cutting-edge design technology and quality assurance processes; to emphasize the human angle of Millerbernd’s welcoming work environment, they captured employee teamwork and collaboration both during production and in the office.

That footage was the bread and butter of three videos we produced: one focused on each of Millerbernd’s Pole and Ring/Cylinder divisions and one for targeted recruitment efforts.

We conducted employee satisfaction surveys to learn why Millerbernd employees love where they work; researched the manufacturing industry to identify tactics that make a lasting impression; and studied our client’s business and history to differentiate Millerbernd. This research allowed us to create the best approach to support the company’s sales growth and outreach efforts. Perfecting the cadence of each video’s script to match the edited footage (and vice versa) was a collaborative process that drew from our well of copywriting talent.

For the Pole division overview (above), we built a framing that represents what Millerbernd “stands for,” reflecting that their product stands tall along roads and highways. The Ring & Cylinder division video features a theme of “connections” between Millerbernd’s priorities, mirroring the unique manufacturing process that connects two ends of a single piece of steel to create a ring: Millerbernd connects efficiency with quality, product with customer, innovation with craftsmanship, et cetera. Both the audio and visual components of Millerbernd’s recruitment video (below) reflect a focus on teamwork and the multiple benefits of joining the manufacturer’s growing team.

Because we also developed Millerbernd’s website, we were also able to incorporate style and design standards as well as messaging from Millerbernd’s existing online presence. From research and strategy through branding, editing and production (right down to background music selection), our custom marketing suite identified the best approach to achieve Millerbernd’s unique goals and solved the challenges facing the company.

As you can see, the videos feature modern, engaging visuals and brisk editing. Voiceover talent was provided by none other than the SCG team (including yours truly) and recorded in our in-house studio. Individually, each of these three videos puts Millerbernd’s cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities and commitment to quality in the spotlight. Together, they deliver a captivating look into what makes Millerbernd a leader in their industry.

Take a peek at each video above to see what we mean. Get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss how SCG’s video production chops can help you reach your marketing goals.

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