Creativity Transforms Trade Show Exhibits for B2B Companies

B2B companies know exhibiting at a trade show is no small investment. With booth or kiosk fees, travel, labor and promotional materials such as brochures, booth graphics and giveaway swag, it’s important to make sure your trade show presence generates high quality leads.

The best B2B marketers up their game to take full advantage of the opportunities. Here’s how SCG works alongside our clients to make the most out of trade shows to build brand recognition and generate the leads required to achieve their marketing goals.

Plan Ahead, Begin with the Brand

Assess your goals for the trade show and consider how they align with your brand and overall strategy. The content created for the event may be the first experience your prospects have with your company among a sea of competitors, so precise messaging with clean graphics is a must. Before each trade show, SCG works with our clients to create a clear path to these goals from strategy, messaging, timeline, execution and even the last-minute expedited shipment.

Execute With Ingenuity, Be Creative

Going beyond the basics with effective creative will make the lasting impression you want. To make a memorable impact for Link Manufacturing at the 2016 IAA international trade show, SCG brought the brand to life by producing a video highlighting Link’s collaborative engineering approach in manufacturing heavy-duty suspensions for renowned OEMs around the world.

Building from our initial research and branding work, SCG’s creative team developed the approach to visually convey how Link is “Driven to Outperform.” From concept to a three-day on-site shoot and throughout post-production, we worked closely with our client to ensure the video was compelling and spot on. We were also able to offer up an original soundtrack recorded by our digital director’s band.



To complement the video, SCG further collaborated with Link to design a new capabilities brochure to reinforce the brand messaging defined during our Brand Vision work. The brochure was translated into three languages and continues to be used for marketing purposes. Lastly, we worked closely with the booth designers in Germany to create a cohesive presence throughout the exhibit space. The show was declared a success with several significant new leads developed.

Pro Tip:

During the three-day shoot, we allocated a half day to obtain specific footage to use in a recruitment video. With advanced planning and by repurposing part of the corporate video, we later produced a companion video for the HR department much more cost effectively than a stand-alone shoot.



If you would like to learn how SCG can work with you to create trade show success, reach out to us here.

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